Insight Timer: Meditation App

Insight timer is a very good app for guided meditations and it includes a timer with bells and other preferences, for people with some experience in meditation. The user interface is beautiful, very minimalistic. You have thousands of guided meditations for many different things and lectures, groups of many kinds (women who meditate, reiki and many others). Every year they do “365 days together” where people have to do a meditation every day and there is one for each day. There are statistics about your practice. It’s what I recommend for beginners. I also recommend that you don’t do the chakra meditations, if you’re a beginner. If you are interested in reiki, first find a local reiki master. Oh and there are also binaural beats. Happy meditating!

Insight Timer for android and iOS 


Author: scarlettcat

Writing as much as I can is my goal. Writing soothes the soul and quiets the mind. There's not much to say about me, my words talk louder than any description that I can make.

10 thoughts on “Insight Timer: Meditation App”

      1. Oh I see. I didn’t get all the way to Master but I have an advanced certificate. So it’s like Reiki 2 and a half. Lol. I have not practiced in a long time though.

        Do you do Reiki?

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      2. Hm, interesting. I’d go with that if my intuition said that. I’ve been leery about it since the last time I gave someone Reiki. It’s tough to explain but I think I pick ‘stuff’ up from others…whatever it is they’re releasing when they go through a healing session.

        I’m mostly just interested in the mindfulness meditations right now. I’m not sure about my belief in chakras anymore either.

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