A fine day in my world

Today is a fine day. I don’t have to go out.
It’s just a quiet Saturday at home. The familiar sounds are soothing. I hear the buses outside and the train. I can hear cars and people. A remembrance that I’m not alone, though I am apart from them.
This separation is important for now. I need to be alone but I am not lonely. The words and sentences are my company. My expression is an escape from the mundane. I have my music and my coffee. My faithful laptop that was given to me by a good friend. I have all that I need for a good and productive night. It can’t all be leisure, I must work on this blog. I take it very seriously like my life depended on it. There’s an urgency in me to write, a need to understand and make sense of things. Art complements life. Without art, life would be incomplete. How would we express our emotions, thoughts, fears and everything that makes us human?
One of my friends called me. He told me he was in Lisbon and he was explaining what was going on there. I felt like he was calling from a distant land that is inaccessible to me. Right now, I’m definitely in a distant place. Every step outside is a struggle. Let’s forget about that today. I can’t be ruminating on the things I can’t do all the time. I will appreciate what I can do. I can write, I can read. I can have coffee and tea. I can listen to music. I can smoke. I can do some research on my issues. I can talk to friends. I will be able to do much more, I just know it. It’s only a matter of time.

Image by Free-Photos, courtesy of Pixabay.


Author: scarlettcat

Writing as much as I can is my goal. Writing soothes the soul and quiets the mind. There's not much to say about me, my words talk louder than any description that I can make.

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