Poem: Love in the form of words

I want to write

about things you cannot see


You cannot feel


you cannot hear

You can see me

You may feel me

You are able

to hear my heartbeat

But you can never

See what I see

Feel all I feel

Hear everything I hear

For my avatar on this earth

Has a unique path

Like a fingerprint

Just like everyone else

I know

Somewhere in the world

Someone can relate to me

Benefit from my experience

Feel empowered by my victories

I’m sharing

The most precious things

Points of view

Words of advice

Love in form of words

Image by pixel2013, courtesy of Pixabay.


Author: scarlettcat

Writing as much as I can is my goal. Writing soothes the soul and quiets the mind. There's not much to say about me, my words talk louder than any description that I can make.

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