Interesting information about BPD

Very interesting information about BPD


It’s my holidays now and I’d originally planned to borrow a ton of BPD/PD/psychology books from the local library… but as it turns out, the library is crap. There was only one book on anxiety (wedged in between engineering books) although they had a ridiculous amount of self-help and organization books.

So anyway, I ended up searching in my uni’s online catalogue and actually managed to get my hands on some articles and books!

Here are a couple of lesser-known facts about BPD from the article “Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorders: A Review” by Michael H. Stone:

  1. BPD differs more noticeably across cultures than is the case with, for example, schizoid personality disorder. The aloofness that one encounters in schizoid persons is similar the world over. Yet when BPD is diagnosed in Scandinavia or Japan, for example, the typical patients are less angry or tempestuous than their American counterparts; those…

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