What a beautiful and sunny morning. I can hear the seagulls outside. It’s going to be a warm day. They call it the Fool’s Spring, which means that it will be very cold in the coming weeks, despite some warm days. If there’s something that cheers me up, it’s sunny days. I don’t know why. Maybe we are wired to like the light and be happy when we can enjoy it. According to what I read:

“Overall, people who live in warmer climates are more satisfied with life than people who live in colder climates.  People who live in sunnier climates are more satisfied with life than those who live in cloudier climates.  So, the overall weather in a region does seem to be related to life satisfaction.  Of course, there are many possible reasons for that.  It is easier to exercise when it is warm and sunny than when it is cold and rainy, so perhaps people who live in warm climates get more physical activity than those who live in cold climates.”


Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant, especially in the morning. The brain produces more serotonin on sunny days than on darker days. That is why there are people who experience seasonal depression. The days are shorter and there is less sunlight.

I should go out today and enjoy the sun. I read that being exposed to sunlight in our arms and face, for 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week, is enough to keep optimal vitamin D levels. There’s a park across the street, I should go and sit on a bench, at least for 15 minutes. Why is it so hard? Why is stepping out of the house such a struggle? It’s great to be outside. This is like when children don’t want to take showers and after they are there, they don’t want to leave. It’s not that I don’t want to leave after I’m outside. Trust me, I do. But I enjoy being outside.

This is my goal for today: go outside and sit on a bench for at least 15 minutes. I can do it. I know I can. I just have to push myself. There is a coffee machine under my house, so maybe I can grab a cup of coffee and then sit on a bench. I think that every day I should do something to get out of my comfort zone. That thing could be going outside, for example. Then I could add other things, like going to a grocery store or going to a nearby big city. I’m going to write down these plans in a paper. It’s important to plan your life. Write down the tasks that we need to do each day. Schedule time for them. Even if you are recovering from depression, you can write down one or two tasks to do a day, no matter how small and then start to gradually increase the number of tasks. You’ll feel better with yourself. We all know how frustrating a day doing nothing can be, though I know that sometimes it can happen, especially if we are experiencing mental health issues.

A friend just called: I have to go to her house because she is feeling too down to go outside. Now, I have the obligation to go out, which is very helpful.

I called another friend to go with me. We are going to catch some sun and talk. Maybe have a cup of coffee somewhere. It feels good to have plans, though I really don’t feel like going out. But I have to. This day isn’t going to feel like a waste. I have written, cleaned and I’m going out. Three tasks in one day, not bad.

I went out. Sat on the grass, at the park. The sun felt great on my face. I didn’t see any bugs (I’m a little afraid of insects). There were lots of people in the park. I didn’t feel scared or threatened. It was pleasant being among people. I was one of them, an anonymous face in the crowd. The park is pleasant because there’s plenty of space, trees, and grass. Some benches and lights. Exercise machines and sculptures. People walk their dogs there and hang out. It’s very pleasant. I think it’s a luxury to have a park right outside your door. It should be an incentive to go out but it isn’t. I should go there every day but I’ll start with 2 or 3 days a week, starting on Sunday, which means that today didn’t count.

I can hear the skaters in a nearby plaza. The sounds of skateboarding are soothing. I just don’t like the sound of motorcycles and some cars. They are too loud.

After I finish this, I’m going to write “Last Week In Music”. Sometimes it takes days to write a post. I like them to be thorough and long.

How are you doing today? Did you have a productive day? I hope so.

Much love.



Author: scarlettcat

Writing as much as I can is my goal. Writing soothes the soul and quiets the mind. There's not much to say about me, my words talk louder than any description that I can make.

4 thoughts on “Today”

  1. I hope you’ll manage some time outside today. It is truly beneficial for your wellbeing. Where did you read that about sunlight and vit D? I seem to remember most people don’t get enough vit D from sunlight.

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    1. Thank you, I did 🙂 Well, the best way to get vitamin D is from sunlight. There are supplements but it’s not the same thing. 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day of sun exposure are enough to have good vitamin D levels.


  2. 🙂 Getting your quota of sunshine is always a good idea. However, we should always take preventative measures where being sunburnt is concerned.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I just stayed 15 minutes in the sun and I’m not so pale that I would get a sunburn in that amount of time. But thank you for your advice.
      I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, too. ❤

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