What I drew today

Colorful abstract drawing
Colorful abstract drawing by me

I finished this piece today. I’m already doing another piece. Maybe I’ll post it later.

Do you like to draw or paint? What is your favorite medium?

Black and grey lips, suggested by fitfulfearfulphantasmal

Another suggestion by fitful was black and gray. I had never used some of the grays, it’s not a color that I usually use. But I thought it turned out really nice. I love the contrast. Hopefully, fitful, you will like this one, too. I love to draw and that people tell me what to draw. They asked me to draw an octopus and I shall deliver.

Recently, I was invited to do graffiti but I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m good enough. Maybe next year, after a year of drawing consistently. We’ll see. Though it was nice to be invited, I think it’s an honor

Lips, again. This time the colors were suggested by fitfulfearfulphantasmal

I used these colors:

4 blues, 2 blue greens and 4 greens.

I really love blues and greens, it was an excellent choice. I will now use black and gray which was fitful’s next choice.

Tell me if you like it, if it needs more work. Tell a color combination and I’ll do one for you.

Much love.

My picture with the colors Carol Anne picked

I made Jessica Rabbit lips. Maybe you’re too young to get this reference but you can look it up.

These were Carol Anne’s color picks. I hope you like it. Really liked the colors you picked. It is a very natural color combination.

If you want to suggest a color combination, I’ll do it and post it.

Lips (chalk pastel artwork)

I really like how this turned out. The colors look great together. It’s a little dirty but it’s okay because it’s just for practice.

This was another one that I did today. I’m really enjoying the multicolored lips. I have to do more tonight. Sometimes I need to push myself to do things. It’s a skill and I’m not always successful.

What colors or color combinations should I use next? I’ll post the result.

Images by me.