A beautiful, wild cat from a farm

This cat is magnificent. Just look at him! It was him and a group of female cats. He only allowed female cats in the property and around him. When we had dinner outside, he and the other cats would come and eat with us. We would buy a big can of cat food and share bits of our food. Cats are amazing and my favorite animal.

Thoughts on my cats and cats in general

I have three cats. The oldest is 6 years old, the middle one is 3 years old and the smallest is 8 months old.

The last and youngest one was rescued by me so we have a beautiful bond.

One night, I was going home after a night out and as we walked, I started hearing a kitten meowing very loud. It was her, a small kitten, so very scared. I could say terrified. I caught her after 15 minutes of trying. My friends were patient because I told them I was going to take her home.

As I lived with my parents, I needed their authorization. My father was furious. My parents had a huge fight. It was really a terrible night but she stayed. I go to bed late and she leaves my parent’s bed and comes sleep with me. She likes to sleep under the covers. She lays close to me and purrs very loud.

Cats are delightful creatures. I really like their personality.They complement my introvert loner lifestyle (with the exception of when I go out with friends, I’m extroverted then). Dogs require more care and more going outside. At least two times a day, you have to take your dog out. It’s much more practical to have a litter box and cleaning it. It’s good that it fits the lifestyle and personality of many people but I am team cat. I like cats like this lady.

My other two cats are closer to my mother, they are lovely as well. One is a tuxedo and the other female cat is white mixed with European fur.

Petting them and having a bond with them is so therapeutic. Knowing that this lovely animal likes your company and enjoys time away from you, too. I love their quirks and their randomness. Sometimes it’s like the cat understands you and does what you want him to. Other times, no matter how many times you call, they will ignore you. I find that amusing.

I would like you to tell if you are a cat lover and if so, tell me about your cats. I would love to hear it.

Image by cocoparisienne, courtesy of Pixabay.