Today and tonight

It’s Friday night. The night is mine.
I won’t care or worry. I’ll just enjoy myself.
I won’t feel self-pity. I can overcome this.
Tonight I’ll just live and write.
I feel my spark coming back.
Today someone told me I was never going to be okay.
I almost started an argument but I let it go. Let people believe in what they want.
I will be okay, I just know it. I truly believe in it.
Sometimes people that are close to you can say things that are more hurtful than helpful.
At least, this way I know how some people feel about me and I will not take my time being nice. Respectful is enough.

I’m listening to this album . The album is called “Colors” and every song is named after a color. I find that very original. I love House music. Feels like a one-woman party here in my room 🙂
Believe me when I say that staying at home on Friday night, writing and listening to house music resembles a night out. Minus the people and inconveniences. It’s cheaper, safer and you are the DJ. You can also get on my Discord server and we can listen to music together. That’s what the cool kids are doing these days haha.

Stay cool.

Image by igormattio, courtesy of Pixabay.

I created a Discord server for this blog

Today was a good day. I was very active on Deviantart and discord-. I created a server for this blog. Just go here and check out Discord if you haven’t. I talk about Discord a lot because it’s been an alternative to Facebook and we all know by now how negative Facebook can be. On discord, a server is a place with text and voice channels for like-minded individuals, gamers, and friends. It’s a good place to meet people and socialize. There are many different servers, with different themes and different purposes. My server is aimed at mental health. I’m open to suggestions when it comes to channels, it’s a very new server so I could use some ideas. Do you know Discord? Here is their site. For me, Discord is IRC 2.0. Those of you old enough to have been on IRC will love Discord and if you’re younger, you will love to be involved in the different communities. Join me and many other users on Discord!