700 followers! Woop!(morning thoughts and a documentary to watch)

I woke up to 700 followers. Pleased can’t even begin to describe how I feel.

700 followers in a year is pretty good. I’m glad that my blog is reaching more people, that was my goal. I want to continue to write to you, share my thoughts, my findings, my ideas. It’s very important for me to have this responsibility to write regularly. It’s helping me become a better writer and a more responsible person. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart. I’m so honored to share my story with every one of you.

My goal is to become a success story. Someone who overcame adversity and built a good life. My parents need peace and to know that I have stability: mental and financial. That would make them feel like I have a chance to be independent in the future. That will be my gift to them. I’ve been doing baby steps for a while and it definitely works.

Repetition is becoming easier. Each day is still challenging but I’m learning to see the best in it. It’s a chance to become better, more resilient. I just had to adapt to it again. It’s important to accept life or else you don’t live.

I’m watching a documentary called “Elegant Universe” on YouTube. It’s a very interesting documentary, as it talks about general relativity and quantum physics. It explains string theory and other theories, Einstein’s quest for a unified theory, a theory of everything. I recommend it. It’s three, 1-hour episodes.

Looking at the world in a microscopic and macroscopic level is very eye-opening. You start to see yourself as very powerful but also small and seemingly meaningless. But we are a part of the whole, an important part. No matter how small.

Sweet Saturday morning, the weather is not very good but it’s acceptable. At least it’s not raining. There is some light. I woke up at almost 8 am. I’ve been watching that documentary and being completely mind blown. String theory is fascinating.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Love you all.

Picture by Herm, courtesy of Pixabay.