Poem: Ramblings Of A Hyperactive Mind

I wonder

Why I have these days

When words seem to flow freely

From my mind to the internet

They want to upload our brains

Oh yes

They do

Will it be safe for us?

Who knows what they can do?

Will our privacy be important?

Will that data be sold profit?

Oh yes

They could

But I sip every second like wine

All the time

Drinking minutes and hours

Swimming in months

The time is now

As it was yesterday

And the day before

I want more

More action, more movement

More love , more passion

Hard pass

Love and passion are tough

And can both pass

Feelings like glass

As they are broken

They cut

They cut open my chest

A wound that fails to heal

I bleed

But I don’t die

I’m fierce

Like every wounded animal

Short Poem: Near My Spirit

My hair is long

It almost reaches my lower back

It carries secrets

And stories

Word I cannot repeat

For they are cursed

Cursed with a sadness so deep

That no one should bear

So it stays with me

Entangled in my hair

So it’s out of my mind

But still with me

Not in my heart

But still near my spirit

Poem: The Rave

Waves and particles


Creating frequencies when can hear

Creating joy and hope

Spreading sadness

Spreading love

It’s how we rise above

And survive

Every beat like a breath

Giving me life

Or showing me death

Slowly declining

But the music is still fresh

Slowly falling again

And the notes go up and down

Like they do not care

Every step is a chord

A sample

The sound of an exotic instrument

My mind enjoys the excitement of music

My spirit rejoices

For these sounds are therapeutic

For the rhythm makes us move

Forget our melancholic mood

Forget the past

You are one with sound

Surrounded by movement

Of people and colors and smiles

Poem: Dark Days With Silver Linings


Reality sets in

I remember what happened

What you said


How do you mock someone you like?

Your words like poisoned arrows

And I was struck

It will take some time for the poison to disappear


Free from pain but drowning in it

Free from him

It will take a colossal amount of love

And time

To heal this fragmented chest

These pieces of me that you broke

Will be fused again

I will rise again

I will live again

Lost in thought but found in feelings

Dark days with silver linings

I can’t stop

Feelings change every day

Time soothes wounds

Shutting off unending mental chatter

With meditation

I live in a world of ideas

Not intrusive thoughts

Intrusions on my mind will not be tolerated

For some battles are already lost

And yet

Losing them was an absolute win

There was victory in losing

Some games aren’t even supposed to be won

They are rigged

As you find the bugs in the code

You realize

This is too much

Pain and trauma brought him here

With dark eyes

And a darker heart

Poem: Liquid Painful Feelings

The rain falls

But it’s not really rain

It’s tears

And not really tears

but pain

liquid painful feelings

that we secrete

they’re gone now

Tears meant to be cried

Never taste so sour

and so sweet

When tears have no meaning

When they roll down your face

And you don’t know why

There is a story waiting to be told


A single tear falls down my face

I ask her

“What happened?”

She never knows what to say

“Nothing”– she says

“They just told me to go and I did”

I carry on

Clean my face and I forget about her existence

Some fluid that forgot time and place

Or did she? Does she know of pain that I do not know?

That my brain has suppressed and blocked.

Maybe. And maybe my brain needs to make me cry for no apparent reason

From time to time

When I’m unbalanced

Being unbalanced is a reason

But why does it happen when I’m not?

When the breeze is cool and the sun is hot

What memory came up that I cannot see?

What is my brain hiding from me?

Poem: Just A Figment Of My Imagination

Walking through

A deserted road

Silent buildings

Hidden people

Words that come and never go

I don’t let them go

Because if I do I might forget it

Make the same mistake again

Every cell in my body invested in loving you

Every neuron and nerve ending

But my mind

My mind disagrees

“Oh, my dear

Wake up from this dream

For this man you see is not real”

My mind looks out for me and my foolish heart

Every atom in my body misses him

When he was a loving, kind man

I just want to feel that way again

The excitement of wanting to be with someone you adore

I don’t have it anymore

Every man scares me

Scars don’t let me be unbiased

We’re all biased

Walking through

A deserted road

I want to see him

But he’s dead

The one I love is just a figment of my imagination

It was never real

Poem: But Not Everyone Can See


No light left in the sky

Apart from the moon,

Planets, and stars.

I hear cars passing by

The sound of a untold story

Where are they going?

How many more stories would I know

And be able to tell if I could


Perceive every story of every person

In every moving car a familiar face

In every familiar face, amazing words

Words that form sentences


Essays on human nature


I would only want to know the most beautiful love stories

I would only want to know about loyal friends

Existential dread walks hand in hand with some stories

It scares me

I want to be inspired by constructive heartbreak

Not senseless and hopeless pain

That comes and never goes

I carry the stories of my friends and loved ones

Some have been struck by tragedy

Obstacles like mountains

Broken hearts that don’t forgive

Tainted souls that don’t forget

For forgetting means repeating

Falling for the same mistakes

Time and time again

My shattered heart forgives and understands

I know their reasons

What they thought they didn’t tell me

I could see in their eyes

How they told their stories

Word after word

Face moving and showing emotion

Every word automatically analyzed

Through the scanner of my own experience

Every red flag stored in a little box with their name on it

I don’t forget

The more you talk about yourself

The more I see you for what you are

And not for what you want me to see

Every story we tell is an opportunity for people to know us

The real you and me

But not everyone can see

Our personality imprinted in every word

Every smile

Every tear that falls on our cheeks

And every tear that no one sees

For it is stored in our soul

Poem: This Beautiful Planet We Call Earth



So is darkness


And beyond

Waves of muffled sounds

Of cars and buses

Of motorcycles

It’s a pleasant and comforting sound

Like a lullaby

I exist

Floating above the sound and below the sky

I endure

Days upon days

Of quiet torture

And subtle discomfort

Comfortably placed with an uncomfortable mind

I stay behind

Guarding the underachievers

Protecting hobos and prostitutes

Looking after the drunk punk

And the squatter who is high


Yes, I

Walk the steps of those who dared to move

Because they had to

And I have to

Tone these muscles that sustain me

Smoke less cigarettes

Eat more greens

Life can be bohemian and healthy

Sickness is expensive

And sometimes fatal

We can’t risk it

That’s why I see so many people running

And walking

Riding bicycles and skateboards

Or rollerblades

Just moving

Breathing pure air

And catching some sun

That is the life

One of the best parts of it

With movement

There is no poetry

Unless it’s poetry about movement

I can’t write while moving

But I can watch someone move

And write a few sentences about her

There is time for everything





It’s all I do

And all I want to do

Art as a means to evolve

And heal

Writing as a therapy

As a catharsis

An escape fr this disorganized organized chaos

That is this beautiful planet

We call earth

Image by qimono, courtesy of Pixabay

Poem: Days Like Quiet Storms

Riding the carroussel

Full speed

It never stops

You have to jump from it

And pray that you don’t hurt yourself

When you fall.

Getting hurt is inevitable

Either you jump or not

Full speed

On a path of self-destruction

Every day

Closer to death

Every day


Every day

Pretending to live


But not living

Or am I?

Forgot how to be human

Forgot my essence

My presence

Dancing alone in the kitchen

While the coffee machine makes a terribly loud sound

Coffee smells like heaven

Such a familiar aroma

Caffeine in my bloodstream

Keeping me awake

Minutes like waves

Hours like streams

Days like quiet storms

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Old Muse

Oh, muse

Now that we parted ways

What will inspire me?

Now that my days are emptier

Now that thrill is gone.

What will motivate me?

Can I pick myself up?

Dust myself and move on.


I stand on my own two legs

And walk

I walk with fragile legs

That are mostly still

Every step means more strength

More stamina

Every step means growth


Promises of help are useless

Show me what you want to do to help

And what I can do for you

Show me that you care and won’t hurt me

Or even better

Don’t show me anything

I don’t want to see anything

From anyone

Not in the way that we were, my old muse

Isolating myself would be the way to go

But I won’t do that

Not this time

I’m tired but strong

This won’t put me down

It was just a hard lesson

That I’m grateful for