Are people with BPD evil?

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As I was looking at the most searched terms related with BPD, I found that “are people with BPD evil” was one of the top results.

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We shouldn’t demonize millions of people because of a personality disorder. Anyone can be evil and not have BPD. As anyone can have BPD and not be evil.

You have to understand that people with this condition are suffering immensely. They are overwhelmed, their emotions are all over the place. They do things they regret, over and over. They can be toxic or not, it depends on how the condition manifests and how the person deals with it.

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In my past, I’ve been toxic but it was because I was suffering so violently. There was a pain in my soul that few people could understand (or so I thought). I would have a favorite person and just be with that person for a while. I would then feel offended by something the person did and start seeing the person in a bad light. And then another person came along. An endless cycle. We can’t provide stability when we don’t have it ourselves. People with BPD require a lot of love and patience. Some people with BPD act out while others don’t act out so much and suffer in silence.

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People with BPD can be very kind as we are very sensitive. We feel like we don’t want others to suffer and we do our best to help. We can be careful about the words we use, in order to not hurt someone. We know how words can be.

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We are more than our diagnosis. We are complex people, with depth and we are growing. Read about us, listen to us and be understanding. We are very sensitive. We have deep wounds that others can’t fathom but deep down, we just want to love and be loved. Just like everybody else.


What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix

I now have Netflix and I’ve been watching a lot of shows and documetaries. It’s a good way to relax.


Gringo, the story of John Mcafee was the first documentary I watched. It’s interesting and outrageous. He’s quite a character. It talks about his time in Belize, the murder of his neighbor (he is a suspect), his great escape. People who knew him are interviewed and what they say is revealing. I recommend this documentary if you like crazy life stories.

Fyre, The Greatest Festival That Never Happened is also interesting. I don’t know if you knew about this festival and the fiasco that it was. This documentary has a lot of behind the scenes footage and there are several interviews with people that were employed by the festival. I recommend it.

I watched The American Meme and I thought it was a boring documentary. I don’t really care for Paris Hilton or The Fat Jew. It all sounds very vapid and shallow, so I don’t recommend watching it.


Russian Doll is a great show. It’s funny, smart and unpredictable. The story is very original and you’ll probably get hooked. It stars Natasha Lyonne. She’s a great actress and her character in the show is very quirky. I highly recommend this show.

Maniac is the show that I’m binge-watching now. It’s an amazing show, with a very original story. The stars of the show are Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. They choose to apply for a medical trial, for different reasons and end up connected in a way that no one understands. Not even the researchers. Jonah Hill’s character is a schizofrenic that lost his job and needs money. I definitely recommend this show, as it is very intriguing.

I will be recommending other shows, documentaries and movies soon.

Do you have Netflix? What shows have you been watching?

I wish you all a great Friday and an awesome weekend.


The Social Media vs Mental Health Debate

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Recently, there have been many articles, posts, and videos online about the negative effects of Social Media on Mental Health. Recently, I came across one such post, in which Scarlettcat of Scarlett’s Corner writes of such negative effects- supported by science.

This post was informative and well written, however I couldn’t help but feel that although a strong case is made for social media’s negative effects, possible positive ones fail to be acknowledged- or even considered as a possibility.

“It’s an artificial world, where everyone is happy and on their best behavior. Or not but we are always in PR mode. “Look at this beautiful place”, “Look at this wonderful food”. If you’re not in the best place right now, it’s better not to be on Facebook or other toxic social media sites.”

While, good points are made, social media as “toxic” for mental health can’t possibly be true…

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