What I drew today

Colorful abstract drawing
Colorful abstract drawing by me

I finished this piece today. I’m already doing another piece. Maybe I’ll post it later.

Do you like to draw or paint? What is your favorite medium?


Black and grey lips, suggested by fitfulfearfulphantasmal

Another suggestion by fitful was black and gray. I had never used some of the grays, it’s not a color that I usually use. But I thought it turned out really nice. I love the contrast. Hopefully, fitful, you will like this one, too. I love to draw and that people tell me what to draw. They asked me to draw an octopus and I shall deliver.

Recently, I was invited to do graffiti but I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m good enough. Maybe next year, after a year of drawing consistently. We’ll see. Though it was nice to be invited, I think it’s an honor

Lips, again. This time the colors were suggested by fitfulfearfulphantasmal

I used these colors:

4 blues, 2 blue greens and 4 greens.

I really love blues and greens, it was an excellent choice. I will now use black and gray which was fitful’s next choice.

Tell me if you like it, if it needs more work. Tell a color combination and I’ll do one for you.

Much love.

My picture with the colors Carol Anne picked

I made Jessica Rabbit lips. Maybe you’re too young to get this reference but you can look it up.

These were Carol Anne’s color picks. I hope you like it. Really liked the colors you picked. It is a very natural color combination.

If you want to suggest a color combination, I’ll do it and post it.

My picture with the colors River Dixon/The Stories in Between picked

This bad picture is the best I could do with the bad lighting I have here. Orange, blue and green. I hope you like it. If you have any more ideas for color combinations, I would love to hear them

I will now draw with Carol Anne’s color combination.

Lips (chalk pastel artwork)

I really like how this turned out. The colors look great together. It’s a little dirty but it’s okay because it’s just for practice.

This was another one that I did today. I’m really enjoying the multicolored lips. I have to do more tonight. Sometimes I need to push myself to do things. It’s a skill and I’m not always successful.

What colors or color combinations should I use next? I’ll post the result.

Images by me.

Early morning thoughts: bad news and good news

Writer’s block made a comeback. Not in the literal sense of staring at a blinking blue line and having nothing to say. More like having no motivation to even log on WordPress. I had some ideas for poems and so on. But taking action is different. To me, it requires a certain mood and drive. I get completely blocked, feeling like I will never be able to write again. But here I am and I have a few things to share with you.

First of all, my sleeping schedule is even worse than it used to be. For a few weeks, I would wake up in the A.M. and go to sleep at a decent time. That was because I was taking a new medication for sleep. I started by taking two sleeping pills when I was in a really bad shape. Then, I stopped taking one of them but I overslept. So I asked my doctor to switch my sleep medication. So far, so good. I was given a new pill. Keep in mind that both of my previous pills worked very well, apart from the oversleeping. I started taking the new med and I would only sleep 3 to 4 hours. I took it for almost a month and I was feeling very frustrated about it. Plus, it took hours to fall asleep. So, I stopped taking it (it doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms). I thought to myself “hey, this didn’t work so I’ll just go back to my previous meds”. Boy, was I wrong. They stopped working like they used to. It takes hours to fall asleep and then I could sleep for 4 hours or 14. Sometimes, with one of them, I only sleep 4 hours. At other times, I sleep for more than 9 hours. I never know when I will be able to sleep or wake up. My life is chaotic right now. It feels really frustrating and it’s messing with my appointments. I’ve missed several of them because of this, including therapist appointments. As you can imagine, that isn’t good, as I need therapy to overcome my current hermit lifestyle.

In terms of good news, I started drawing and painting again. I use caran d’ache water soluble pencils for some drawings; soft pastels (it’s so soothing to draw with soft pastels, you need to try it to know and I highly recommend it) and pencil pastels (which are a little harder) for my paintings. Even though pastels are not paint, it’s called painting because you mix colors and work on layers, just like you do with oil and acrylic painting. I will post some of drawings and paintings, as soon as I figure out how to take a decent picture of the artwork. I’m terrible at that. A tutorial or something along those lines can help.

I will continue to use the #OctPoWriMo writing prompts, though October is over. I think it’s a great exercise for poets. I just don’t know when, I’ll do it when I feel inspired to and I may skip one or two prompts, if I can’t relate to them or nothing comes to mind.

I love you all. ❤

Image by cuncon, courtesy of Pixabay.