Blogging tips: blog post ideas, ways to gain followers and more

My stats

I’m really happy about my blog. Almost 12000 views in almost 12 months. Over 5000 visitors. 626 followers. It may sound a little ridiculous but blogging is my biggest pride, right now.

Blog stats

It doesn’t come as easy as I thought. Some days are a struggle but I don’t have to post every day. I may stop for a few days or a week or two. Sometimes it seems that something doesn’t allow me to do it. It’s very odd. You just keep writing when you can and you start getting used to it.

Blogging tips

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Blogging is basically meditation. You do it and if you are distracted for some reason and don’t post anything, just refocus and do it. Just try not to forget your blog. Use apps to remind you, write on your planner. Create the habit of blogging every day, even if it’s only a paragraph. Or don’t but do a great weekly, bi-weekly or something along those lines. Always keep a notebook and a pen with you. Sometimes, sentences can come to your mind. Write them down. Write posts here but just save them as drafts. Maybe you can work on them later or use parts of it.

Blog post ideas

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If you don’t have ideas, look at your old blog posts. Could you do a follow-up post?

Listen to a podcast about your blog’s subject and take notes. Watch a video and do the same. You can also write a stream of consciousness, which is basically when you write everything that comes to mind. No matter if it’s good or bad. Maybe you can write it on a piece of paper or in a word processor. Then you pick ideas from there.

You can talk about how you are, how you’ve been, memories, music you’re listening to, etc. Post artwork, pictures you take, etc. There are so many things we can write about.

There are many good courses and resources for blog post ideas. I’m having trouble with links so my suggestion is that you do a quick Google search and you will find it. I’m really sorry. I have to contact WordPress staff and see what is happening.

I’ll do a follow-up post, with the links.

Use writing prompts, inspire yourself in other blog posts, there is a myriad of things you can do to keep blogging every day. There are courses about it on Skillshare and other learning platforms.

If you’re feeling uninspired, walk outside and sit on a café. Start writing about the people you see. It’s an excellent exercise. Visual artists must sketch everything and writers must write about everything.

Ask people what they would like to read about on your blog? You’ll be surprised by what they say. Brainstorm with a friend or some friends.


Your post should have a good structure. Avoid big paragraphs. Some people have trouble focusing on that.

Use images and write a short description in the alt text. I can show you how you can add images on the app:

Tap on that and then choose the image that you want to add to your post. After you add the picture, you can tap on it and this will appear

Fill the alt text field with a short description of the picture. I also fill the title field.

Make sure that you buy the pictures or get royalty free ones. You can find them on Pixabay, Pexels and other sites. I mostly use Pixabay.

Be mindful of the title, tags and category. You want a descriptive and somewhat short title. That’s a good way for people to know that they want to read about what you wrote.

I’ll talk about it more and provide links in the follow-up post about SEO.


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Read a lot. It’s an excellent way to learn new words, to expand your horizons. Every writer has a different style and it’s important to be aware that these styles exist. Be inspired by it. Don’t imitate or do plagiarism, just learn new ways to express yourself in your writing. You can read novels, blog posts, articles, etc. There is a different type of writing for everyone. There is always one or more that really suit you.

Ways to gain followers

Start by following people in your niche. You start having followers and then you start getting likes. Pay attention to the likes. If you’re not following the blog, follow it. Like posts, comment, reblog. Interact in a positive way as much as possible. Search for more people in your niche and others, follow them. It’s really simple. It takes work and dedication. In the end, it’s worth it. You build an audience by being active in the community and eventually you reap the benefits. I always follow someone back if they follow you, so they don’t unfollow you. It’s intuitive and anyone can do it.


Blogging is serious business. Now seriously, blogging is very creative, takes work and writing is hard but not impossible. Always read and write as much as you can. Commit to your writing and your blog. Research, research, research. There are many resources on blogging. We can learn a lot from them. You should be always learning and also reading about SEO. I will do a post about SEO tips, so people can find your blog when they search for something. So it ranks higher in the search results. Search engine traffic can be a great ways to increase your exposure and views. If you have a cause and you want to increase awareness to it, it’s great to build a good platform and audience.


Why you have to be careful about the pictures you use on your posts

There are millions of images on the internet. Photographs, art pieces, you name it, someone’s done it. Everyone wants an attractive image to attach to a post and many of us are unaware that a good part of them is copyrighted. Just because someone has done it and posted it online, doesn’t mean that we should use them in our personal blogs, especially if we don’t give credit to the artist.

I, for one, am guilty of this. I’m in the process of changing all the featured images of my almost 200 posts (fun times) since I used other people’s content.

Copyright laws are becoming more and more pervasive, so it’s important to be aware that our seemingly innocent actions may have consequences. Luckily, there are good websites where you can download high quality, non-copyrighted images. One example is Pixabay. There are thousands of pictures there and they are free to use. Just make sure, as courtesy, to reference the poster’s name and Pixabay. If you post from your phone, there is an app for it and it’s a great app, very easy to use.

This is a list of sites that feature free images. Be sure to check it out as it is a recent and comprehensive list.

This is very important. You can be sued for using a copyrighted image. There are “copyright trolls” out there.

“A copyright troll is a party (person or company), that enforces copyrights it owns for purposes of making money through litigation, in a manner considere unduly aggressive or opportunistic, generally without producing or licensing the works it owns for paid distribution.”

Source: Wikipedia

Sounds pretty scary, right? Now you know how to protect yourself from this. I hope you follow my advice and become mindful of the images you use, it’s for your own good.

Much love to all.

Image by clker-free-vector, courtesy of Pixabay.