Hello from the… countrysiiide!

Hello, everyone!

I’m in the countryside tonight. I arrived this afternoon. I’ll be here for a few days.

It seems like a crime to be listening to music with headphones and not enjoy the crickets, the llamas walking nearby, cows in the distance with their bells. The sky is amazing, I can see everything so clearly. I can see nearby farms because some of them have some lights on, all night.

I’m outside, sitting in a wooden chair, on a nice deck. It faces the field where llamas and other animals live. Sometimes I can hear them walk. I think one of the llamas is somewhat near me. I guess they like company.

The day went well. I shut up as many as it was needed, in order to have peace. It’s working. I almost didn’t come here because of my father. Then my mother told me it could be our last trip together. That broke my heart but it also help me make the best decision.

I’m going to try to sleep, I’m having a hard time falling asleep tonight. I hope you are okay. Much love

A beautiful, wild cat from a farm

This cat is magnificent. Just look at him! It was him and a group of female cats. He only allowed female cats in the property and around him. When we had dinner outside, he and the other cats would come and eat with us. We would buy a big can of cat food and share bits of our food. Cats are amazing and my favorite animal.