Afternoon Thoughts (inspiration, creativity, Tabletop Simulator and more)

When your pride is hurt, it can be liberating. That’s why we should never surround ourselves with enablers. They may mean well but the results are not the best. Of course, there’s people that only seem to put you down, so you get kind of numb to it. If someone tells you your good and bad personality traits or life choices, take it. It can bring forth growth. We all need to hear someone’s view, once in a while. A friend’s opinion can be very valuable.

I feel like that people are telling me things now because I’m ready to hear them. I was broken and sad. Now, I’m blooming. Faster and faster, after climbing slowly, uphill.

My dream is to be a writer or have a job that I love. Anything is possible. I just need to work and persevere. Write as much as possible, get creative with other people, brainstorm. Read. I just read one or two books last year. It’s a shame, I should be reading more. Inspiration comes in many forms. Cultivating creativity is the way to go. It’s a very important skill, especially for an artist. Listening to talks by wise people like Alan Watts or Sadhguru is also inspiring. Read other blogs in your niche and even other blogs in other niches, that is a great way to grow as a writer. A walk outside, in nature or the city, can be very inspiring. I like to sit at coffee shops and write. Write about what I see, what I’m experiencing at that place. There are guided meditations and binaural beats for creativity like mindful writing, etc. Observe, observe,observe. Always look at things closely, look for stories, moments. There are stories everywhere, you just have to look with creative eyes. Hanging out or talking to creative people can give you a boost, too. You hear new ideas and concepts. It can broaden your views. Sometimes, taking a break from writing for a few days, for example, can be beneficial. Take some time to think about things, to consolidate ideas, read, do other things that I have mentioned. I’ve taken longer breaks, after a period of a lot of writing. It was necessary and it helped me. If you’re a blogger, try not to stop writing for longer than a month. You need to be as active as possible and over one month is not very good. You may be forgotten, if you don’t have loyal followers yet.

I played Tabletop Simulator with a friend. We played cards for a while, it’s a good game. You can find it on Steam. You can play a number of games there. It’s 20 dollars. I like to play games, from time to time. It’s a good way to decompress and have fun.  Multiplayer games are great, as long as the community of the game is not toxic. Some games have the worst fans. Lots of name calling and trolling. Some people just don’t act right and they ruin everything they’re a part of. I guess the people that play Tabletop Simulator are just not the same as the ones who play Counter Strike or Fortnite.

What gives you a creative boost? Share your tips below.

I hope you have a great day. Much love to you all.


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Night thoughts

Hello 2019! I’m glad you’re here. Things have changed and I feel invigorated. Life seems much better.

I feel new energy coming into my life. Important decisions will be made. They are necessary to keep life in motion.

Networking and meeting new people is a part of my plans. I need new connections and contacts to further my career. That also brings new energy to life. New perspectives and points of view.

This year, I plan on listening to more new music. It’s very important to stay on top of new releases. Music is a big part of my life. It inspires me and opens new horizons. It’s also something that keeps me going, when times are rough.

Freelancing and studying are my main goals for this year. I want to be productive, earn money and learn. There’s this need that I have to learn and evolve. I have to think about my future. A regular job is not out of the table but it won’t be something I’ll do just now. First, I need to get used to going outside and have responsibility. Baby steps.

I wish you all a happy new year, full of love and accomplishments.

Last day of the year

This is the last day of the year. We have overcome many obstacles and we will overcome many more next year. It was a hard year. Fascism is on the rise. There have been attacks on our rights. The EU wants to change copyright law and enforce it.

Many changes, many surprises, it was a long and full year. We are here today, after being suicidal, after existential dread, after heartbreak.

There were many surprises and good moments. Others were not so good but we dealt with them.

2019 is going to be a good year, I believe in that.

I go into 2019 with someone and I’m having a great time, so far. I hope you are with people you love or alone, you can have a great NYE alone. I wish everyone a great night.

Morning Thoughts

Good morning, everyone.

Coffee notebook pen

I woke up early today, even though I went to bed late. It feels good to wake up early. I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

woman in shorts,shirtless man hugging while lying down

He’s sleeping and I’m in the kitchen writing. It feels good to be with someone. To hug, to hold, to kiss. I was feeling so needy and now I feel so loved and cared for. He treats me well and makes me laugh.

I’ve been talking to my ex every day. I miss him sometimes. He’s a good friend and I know that if I need to vent or talk about anything, he’ll be there. And I’ll be there for him. It feels good to stay friends with him. He was and is a big part of my life. I will love him forever.

That’s how I feel for the people I really loved. Respect and love. Forever. They helped me grow and evolve. They taught me lessons. Their love was important to me.

I’m now in a dangerous position. I’m in love with someone who doesn’t want to have a serious relationship. It may sound tricky but it’s an easier situation than it sounds. I’m enjoying the moment and not caring about what happens tomorrow. When it changes, I’ll be sad but happy that it happened.

He has given me a motivation boost like no other. I shower every day. Take care of myself. Go outside like it’s nothing. I wore a skirt yesterday for him (and me, of course). It’s a feeling of being whole again. Single but whole. Ready to start fighting. Ready to start living.

I hope you are well.

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My day

Today is a good day. I’m at my friend’s house. We’re listening to music and I felt like writing.

I went to a supermarket today. It was very easy and, luckily, very quick. I bought some wine and coffee for us.

Happy and stress-free is how I feel. I feel very comfortable with him. It’s a great feeling. We may never be boyfriend and girlfriend but it doesn’t matter. It’s motivating me to become a better person and take care of myself.

None of us wants a serious relationship. It wouldn’t be wise to break up with someone and start a new relationship two weeks later. I need to know how to be alone. Co-dependency doesn’t help me grow. I want to take my time now, grow as a single woman.

It is going to be a new experience for me, after almost 6 years. I’m ready for it. Things are looking better. A new horizon for me.

I wish you all the best.

Christmas is over: an update

This was a wonderful Christmas, one of the best I’ve ever had. It was peaceful. I had a great time.

I didn’t overeat and I think that’s an accomplishment. Gaining weight during the holidays is a classic situation. I want to lose weight and I’ll keep focused on my goal. I don’t think that I should be making decisions just on NYE (New Year’s Eve) or on the first day of the year. I’m going to start making changes now.

Motivation is something that I didn’t have. Now, it feels like it’s coming back. I’ve been watching motivational speakers and talks. Pushing myself to do things was nearly impossible in the past but it’s different now. I feel more in control of my life. It’s almost like my existence changed. I feel my pride coming back as well. That feeling of having been criticized in a way that hit the right spots, that will allow me to resume life.

I’m at a great phase of my life. Liberated and calm is how I feel. Like a weight came off my shoulders but I don’t regret anything I did. It was done for love. Real, intense, overwhelming love that faded away. Sometimes love has an expiration date.

I hope you are okay. Much love.

Evening thoughts and Giles Corey

My sleep schedule is crazy. It’s completely messed up. Today, I slept for 5 hours. Sleep deprivation is very bad for me, so after a few hours, I went back to sleep. Slept for another 5 hours and now I feel a bit better. I want to sleep for 8 hours and wake up energized.

I should start working out, that would help me get tired. Why is it so hard to get up and workout? And, worse than that, keep a workout routine. I sometimes work out 2 days in a row, maybe 3. Then I just can’t do it. It takes persistence and discipline. Two skills that I need to cultivate.

I’m listening to Giles Corey’s self-titled album.

It’s a very different and unusual album. It’s very enjoyable to listen with some moments of pure madness. This is my first time listening to this album. I love the sound of acoustic guitars. The album is very indie folk. This is not your average album. It’s a celebration of music.

I’m going to start planning my day on a piece of paper. It’s a great way to do what you have to do. I’ve seen some people do it and I used to do it as a teen. I should do some basic things every day, to be more occupied. 2 hours for writing, 30 minutes for cleaning, 10 minutes to workout, etc.

Now that I go out more, I need to start doing more things. Do the blood tests that I need to do for my check up, send a package to a friend in the U.S. , go to social security, etc. A new world of possibilities opened up before me. I can do so much more now.

I feel happy and content. It’s a good time to be alive.

It’s a lovely evening, after the winter solstice. Now the days will become gradually longer. I like long days, total darkness at 6 pm is a bit depressing.

The city is full of Christmas lights, I love them. This year’s main color is blue. There’s a big Christmas tree near my house. It’s made of lights. I have to take a picture and maybe share it with you guys.

I hope you are well.

Image by 12019, courtesy of Pixabay.