Last Week In Music

Last week I listened to fewer songs and fewer new artists. I must’ve have listened to Deathconsciousness by Have a Nice Life over 5 times.

So let’s see my top artists:


I talked about Orchid Mantis before in this post. It’s an amazing band and I’ve definitely listened to them many times. I also talked about Bauhaus in this post that I recently wrote. I will write about Have A Nice Life soon. It’s taking me ages to finish that post, I have no idea why.

Tyler Burkhart is a new discovery. It’s Indie Pop. It can be mellow or cheerful. Sometimes sad. He is a multi-instrumentalist, taking DIY to the next level, as he is self-taught and writes, records, and releases his own music. A must-listen if you like Indie.

Parks, Squares and Alleys is an old favorite. Their song Youth is what made me like him. He is a solo artist, a singer, and guitarist from Russia named Sergey Khavro. This is his bio on Bandcamp:


What does he mean by noise-monk, does anyone know? I found it funny. His sound is very dreamy and melodic. Definitely lo-fi. His voice is great. It’s definitely an Indie type voice, which I quite like. I highly recommend this artist.

Peter Murphy is Bauhaus’ former frontman. He had success in his solo career and at least two hits. Cuts You Up is a hymn of the ’80s. He also had other hits like “A Strange Kind of Love”, “Marlene Dietrich” and “The Hit Song”. I liked some of his songs, others not so much. I recommend at least listening to Cuts You Up.

Lilys are an indie rock band whose founder is Kurt Heasley, the only member that is a constant in a band. The band was formed in Washington DC in 1988. Their debut album In The Presence Of Nothing was released in 1992. Their sound is indie rock. Several of their songs have been featured in advertisements and one even reached #16 in the UK charts. They have a shoegaze phase, a dream pop phase. Their sound changed over the years. I highly recommend this band.

Here are my favorite albums:


I recommend all these albums. I’m in the process of writing a review about Deathconsciousness, so you’ll have to wait a few days (maybe less, I may finish the post tonight).

There was a Last Week in Music where I talked about Yellow House by Orchid Mantis. In short, it’s a very pleasant and dreamy album from a wonderful band.

Mask is one of my favorite albums from Bauhaus. It’s so raw and crude. The rhythm section is incredible. It’s a very dark and gloomy album, Peter Murphy kills it. It features amazing songs that really portray the 80’s goth scene. I like most of the songs on the album, especially Hollow Hills, The Passion of Lovers, Dancing, Kick in the Eye and Mask.

This album by Parks, Squares and Alleys is beautifully named. I think he is an artist of taste and sensibility. It’s music to drive to the beach, on a sunny day. I would say that this album is influenced by surf-pop. It features Youth, that song I have talked to you about. This guitar speaks to me. The artist sounds sensitive and connected. The other tracks are also very good.

Cold Blood Magic is a 2018 album by Parks, Squares and Alleys. The sound is different from the album I just wrote about. It sounds like 60’s or 70’s music. The harmonies with voices, the instrumentals. Honestly, I prefer the other album.

Lost Days by Tyler Burkhart is an amazing album, with gorgeous and moving songs. Some are very cheerful, others are more mellow and a little sad.

Flashbulb Memory is an excellent album. Unreal, eerie, and slow, this album is perfect to listen at night. Great to unwind and relax. The track Flashbulb Memory is so lovely. I’ve listened to it countless times. His music is full of emotion. It ‘s sad but beautiful.

I love, love, LOVE this album. It’s amazing. This artist was an excellent discovery. Slow and deep songs, accompanied by a terrific voice. It’s great indie rock. The melodies are fairly simple and catchy. At The Park is a spoken word track and I find it fascinating. I love The Escape. It’s a bit faster and more upbeat than the other songs.

Here are the songs that I listened to the most, last week:


As I’ve said before, I listened to the Have A Nice Life album many times and it shows. I recommend all these songs.

I hope you like my recommendations and that you listen to as much music as possible.

Have a good weekend.









Last week in music and music recommendations


These were the artists that I listened to the most last week. I recommend every one of them.


I found Grouper last week and I’ve been hooked. It’s so soothing and marvelous. Great for unwinding and self-soothing, in times of crisis.


Thursday is an old favorite, from my emo days. I recommend it, listen to A City By The Light Divided. It’s a great album. It’s sad, it’s angsty, it’s angry. It’s a lot of feelings but you may like it. I sure do.


Massive Attack is in the old favorite category. If you never listened to them, you really should. They are iconic. A cult group that never ceases to amaze. You never know what to expect. They have great love songs. Songs that are really innovative. Songs that we can’t stop hearing. Every album is amazing and I recommend starting with the first albums. It’s trip-hop, it’s electronic music. It’s a mix of genres and influences.


Radiohead is my final old favorite. The first song I’ve ever heard from this band was Creep. I liked it at the time but I could never imagine what Radiohead would become. It has a huge following, their sound really matured and changed. Every album is good but the newer albums speak to me more. They never lost their spark. Their music is always fresh and innovative but you instantly know it’s them. I recommend listening to Ok Computer, Kid A and Amnesiac. Listen to the whole discography, if you can. You won’t regret it. Use headphones or good speakers. Listening to them is a real experience. They take you to other places. I’m listening to the King Of Limbs album. It’s very good so far. Tonight I’ll probably listen to their discography, just skip a few songs that make me sad. Radiohead is a whole mood.



Tommy Genesis and Kilo Kish are very interesting artists, more urban and hip. That R’n’B mixed with strong electronic beats. Sometimes that’s exactly what I want to hear. I listen more to Tommy Genesis, a few of her songs, like 100Bad and Execute, are real bangers. It’s very good to listen to while walking outside.


Cemeteries is a good friend of mine. I’ve listened to them countless times. It’s music for the heart, mind, and soul. So sensitive and beautiful. I like all of their albums but especially Barrow. I’ve talked about Cemeteries before, as I listen to them all the time. I’m listening to The Wilderness album. It’s from 2012 and it’s their first album. It’s a great debut album. I’ve only listened to it 3 or 4 times these last months so I’m listening to it again, paying more attention now. I love all the songs except one. It’s amazing how consistent they are. Kudos to them for delivering such amazing music.


Pinkshinyultrablast is one of those bands that you just want to listen to more and more. It’s a Russian band, which is odd but interesting. You don’t associate shoegaze with Russia but I guess there’s shoegaze everywhere or almost. It could be called dream pop as well. The vocals are very dream pop. I’m listening to Miserable Miracles. It’s such a light and fun album. Reminds me of Cocteau Twins, at times. This album is very electronic and I think that every track is unique and beautiful. Maybe a little twee pop, too. Grandfeathered is different. More guitars, still dreamy and lovely. This is a band that I recommend. It’s energetic and yet serene music.


Alcest is a French band. It started as a black metal band but their sound became more ethereal and atmospheric. I recommend Les Voyages de L’âme. It’s an amazing album. It reminds me of Opeth, at times.


Destroyer is a band from Canada. It started as an electric folk band but their sound changed. It became more quirky and electronic. I recommend Kaputt. In my opinion, it’s their best album. Their frontman, Dan Bejar, said that he was influenced by Miles Davis and Roxy Music. The songs in this album are very catchy, with great female back vocals. According to Wikipedia, this album is jazz-infused, lounge music-inspired, sophisti-pop.


Influenced by Mineral and American Football, Empire!Empire!(I Was A Lonely Estate) really revived the sound of mid-90’s emo. I recommend What It Takes To Move Forward. This is an excellent album, with hypnotic guitar riffs, amazing drums. The vocals and back vocals are a great addition, to give it that emocore feel.


This was my tag timeline since January 4th. I love stats, so I find this very interesting. My taste is eclectic and I don’t listen to the same genre for a long time. I just follow what I feel at the moment or look for new bands.


I want to increase the number of new bands that I find. There’s this mainstream notion that music is terrible now. I disagree, there are so many great new bands or bands that are unknown to us. They mix lots of different genres, it’s not that canned music that you hear on the radio. If you don’t have the patience to look for new bands, I will be recommending albums and bands. Music is so important to me that I had to include it in my blog. I hope you like it.

More music recommendations and stats next week. I hope you have a great week.

Last Week in Music

This is what I listened to last week, according to Last.Fm.


I made at least three great discoveries this week: Grouper. True Widow and Tommy Genesis. Check out these artists and you’ll see my most listened albums below.


Cujo is an alias of Amon Tobin and this album is very good. I’ve been following his career almost since the beginning. He is a true artist. His music is very good. There’s a song called Fat Ass Joint in this album. I really like it. It’s very chill and funky. In my opinion, if you enjoy alternative electronic music, you should listen to his albums.

Melanchole, by Salvia Palth, is very good as well. It’s totally s a d b o y music but I like it. My favorite song is I Was All Over Her. I play that song every day. It’s such a beautiful and touching track. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do.

That Massive Attack album is a compilation and it’s a good start if you’ve never listened to them.

Ison is a very innovative and good album.

Hospice by The Antlers is one of my favorite albums in the whole world. It’s so soothing and perfect. A must-listen. It portrays joy, sadness, many different emotions. I love the vocals. Peter Silberman has a very unique voice. That is very important to me. Unique voices, with the right instrumentals, create one of a kind experiences for the listener. It’s not your average formatted, mainstream, Idol type of voice. The Voice, Idol, I really can’t stand those shows. Always the same songs, by the same artists, that a million other people have sung before. The Antlers is out of the ordinary and I recommend you to listen to this album.

Fossor, In Pieces by Cemeteries, is a good album. It’s fairly recent and I didn’t realize until yesterday that they had released a new album. May favorite Cemeteries album is still Barrow. I like almost all the songs in that album. Cemeteries is one of those bands that you keep coming back to. Their sound is haunting, hypnotic and ethereal. A sort of light heaviness or heavy lightness. It’s amazing. The Wilderness is my second favorite album of them. Summer Smoke is on that album and that is a song that is impossible to forget.

My favorite songs were the following:


Well, The first song is an Alan Watts lecture from Youtube.  It’s a really good one. Alan Watts is very eloquent and he says mindblowing things.

I recommend all of these songs and these artists.

Happy listening!

Last Week’s Music (Music Chart)

I’m going to start doing a weekly music chart of what I have been listening to. As you know, I use LastFm and I use this site to make the charts.

This is this week’s chart:

collage (1)

I recommend the following bands:

-Red Snapper ( if you know Red Snapper, you should definitely check out the Redone album. Maybe you haven’t heard it yet)

-TV Girl is very good.

-Cujo is another name for Amon Tobin: the wonderful, innovative and creative man that uses amazing sounds to do futuristic and edgy music.

-Svedaliza is one of my go-to artists right now. It’s some sort of innovative R’n’B mixed with other genres and somewhat experimental. Ison is a great album.

-Abra’s genre is the same as Svedaliza: an R’n’B voice with strong bass and edgy electronic beats.

-I’ve been listening to Ringo Deathstarr for about an hour and I’m still not sick of it. Catchy alternative tunes and great vocals. You should listen to their album Pure Mood.

-Salvia Palth is mostly there because I play I Was All Over Her almost every day, several times. I love that song.

-She Wants Revenge is an awesome band and you should listen to it.

This is it for this week’s chart. Thank you for reading.

Last week in music

I didn’t listen to much music last week. I was in silence a lot. Sometimes it’s also important to be in peace and quiet. Today, I am back to listening to music. I found a very interesting artist by the name of Kan Sano. It came up in the related artist’s section of DJ Krush. I am really enjoying his sound. You should check him out.

These are my top artists, albums, and tracks of last week:

I hope I can inspire you to listen to new music.

Image by RyanMcGuire, courtesy of Pixabay.

My week in music (last 7 days)

It’s Monday, so I’m going to share with you what I have been listening to. I get the stats from Lastfm.

Here’s what I listened to last week:



My favorite tracks:


This week, my favorite tracks start at nr.3 because, as the data for the stats are gathered from Spotify and Youtube, it accidentally added two movies I watched on Youtube.

I’m starting my week listening to American Football’s self-titled album, the deluxe edition.

Do you want to recommend me music? Go ahead in the comment section.

I hope you have a great week!

My week in music (last 7 days)

As you know, I love music and it’s a big part of my life.

I’ll be sharing my weekly charts from

I will post them every week.

So here we go, last 7 days.


Top Albums:



I hope you like my music selection and I hope that I can inspire you to search for new music. That’s always great for the soul.

My year in music: 2017 chart

Sometimes I can even taste my sour past. Listening to music with friends, I decided to play one of my favorite songs from back in the day.
The song starts and I’m immediately transported to that time, how I felt.
Vague trauma memories and a deep sadness invade me.
I get in that mindset, it’s like I’m connected to a device that transfers those past feeling back to me.
So I mostly listen to music. I’m always running away from the past. Always on the search for songs that make me feel good. That is innovative and unexpected.

In this chart are the albums I listened to the most in 2017.
Can you recommend me bands or groups? How do old songs make you feel?


topsters2 (1)

Morning thoughts(2)

It’s morning, the sun is shining. I feel great in the morning, hate waking up late. The morning sun is anti-depressant, so it’s the best time to be out in the sun though I rarely do it. I’ve been in this state for many years, hiding from life (“hiding like thieves in the night from life”). Music keeps me going, it’s one of the things that help me. This is my last fm, if anyone is interested to know what I’ve been listening to. Right now, I’m listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. I’ve been mainly listening to playlists or discographies.
This morning will be productive. I’ll be writing. Keeping my mind occupied and finding new material for this blog.
I want this blog to be informative and helpful. A blog that can help improve your quality of life and help you find answers.
I spent many years looking for answers. I had so much anger and resentment. That consumed me. My life was a rollercoaster. I was happy for a while, every day. Now, I rarely know what happiness is. But I know what stability is and that, for me, is a type of happiness. Having emotional stability was one of my dreams. Having a stable home life was another one and I achieved that, too. Many things changed when after I turned 30. The fire of anger was extinguished, resentment faded a lot. Things started to make more sense. One day, my psychiatrist told me that I had the power to stop the arguments with my parents. I stopped fighting and they stopped fighting. We were in peace again, just like that because I started to talk less and listen more. No one wins in a fight, everybody loses. So why start one? Why not discuss things in a civil manner? I’m not judging anyone who does it, this is just food for thought.

The morning is almost over. Thank you for reading this.

Image by Engin_Akyurt, courtesy of Pixabay.