Poem: Reborn

Sharing a kiss with you

There’s music in your touch

I want to hug you

And squeeze you

I miss you already

Every good bye like a knife through my heart

Every kiss like the first one

Every hug like the only one I’ve ever experienced

Every day seems new

Newer than before

Like a shiny opportunity to grow

A new adventure

Every day is not the same anymore

Reborn and excited for what comes next

I stand incredulous

How did this happen?

How did I get here?

I see the purpose of having you in my life

What existence is trying to teach me

And I embrace it

I’m ready

Image courtesy of Pixabay.


Poem: There is magic in you

There is magic in you

When you say

That you love me from the earth
To the nameless,

Undiscovered stars

There is magic in you

When you work so hard

And still manage to make me smile

And support me

There is magic in you

When you try to understand

Things that even I don’t understand

There is magic in you always

And we will overcome everything

Image by takazart, courtesy of Pixabay.