I have good news!

My dear WordPress friends and readers,

I really needed an hiatus. Lost all the will to write for many months. I’ve been drawing like mad instead. It feels great because I didn’t want to draw for a while. It helps with my mood. It’s also very satisfying to draw and see the finished project. You feel like you made something with your bare hands.

I’ve also been doing a lot of work at home, in order to give my mother a break. It’s also good for me, as I find cleaning very therapeutic as well. The satisfaction of seeing everything clean, my cats taken care of, etc is enormous.

In the sentimental area there are also news: I fell in love with someone and we are dating. I wasn’t looking for anything, just enjoying single life. We started talking and, very naturally, started dating. He is American. We are planning to see each other soon. I can’t wait. He is a kind, funny and smart man. We have the similar goals and dreams. I love that man to death. I’m ready to love and support him.

It’s interesting how when you come out of a long relationship, where you suffered a lot for your boyfriend and his family, if might feel an absolute need to be alone. You don’t even want to think about dating. It seems like too much work and suffering. It took me about a year to date again. I wasn’t even looking, which is also a great way to find someone. I know, it’s counterintuitive but my best relationships happened when I wasn’t looking for anyone. I don’t judge who looks for love. Sometimes it works. But I hate dating apps and I went on just a few dates. Then I thought to myself: “Scarlett, you’re looking for connection, not sex”. So I thought I should better save myself for someone special.

When you have EUPD, promiscuity sometimes happens. Sex is like validation: validation that someone wants you, someone desires you, etc. But it’s fake. It’s just our condition. If you’re like me, on your thirties you feel kind of disgusted by some things you did. Not that they were degrading per se but you regret some of the men you’ve been with. In my 30’s I feel that casual sex shouldn’t be trivialized. This is something I learned by having EUPD. To take sex more seriously and only share my body with someone I love or at least that I have a good friendship with chemistry and connection. I’m not saying that this is the right way of doing things, I’m just saying how I feel. Promiscuity might change your outlook on sex and that was my case.

The antidepressants are working so I feel more energy and will to do things. Sometimes I have these urges to clean, that I didn’t have in a long time. I keep my rooms clean, though my work room is a very special organized chaos haha. But I always need my bedroom with everything folded and in the proper place.

I missed writing so much. It feels like a part of me that has been hibernating. I will never stop writing in this blog. It’s my baby, I have almost 1000 followers and one of my articles is number 8 in the Google search for BPD and Favorite Person. Every day, I get over 10 views. So if I keep the blog alive, it might climb a few spots. I’m so proud of that article, I feel like it’s well-written, concise and helpful. I miss writing articles but these last months I had no energy, as they are a lot of work if you do them properly. But with this new energy and desire to write, I want to write more articles and I have a ton of ideas.

I will be doing a “This week in music” today because I haven’t done one in so long. I feel like music is a good addition to a blog about EUPD (BPD), since it’s a good coping mechanism, it can helps us when we struggle and it’s also a great hobby.

Drop me a message so I will visit your blog and see what you have been to. I love you all.

Valentine’s Day and music

I want to raise a glass to everyone who is single. Let’s celebrate it. It’s good to be single and, if you feel sad about it, treat yourself today. Have dinner or go out with your friends.

I will be spending Valentine’s day alone. Right now, I’m listening to cheesy 80’s songs with a friend on discord. Spandau Ballet’s True is playing. Rick Astley is coming up.

It feels good not to have sentimental responsibilities today. I’m not in a relationship so I don’t have to worry about anyone, worry about their problems. To be dependent on someone can feel good but it’s also important to be independent. To be happy and satisfied with yourself. I feel like I’ve reached that point. It feels very good and liberating to be alone. Like I’ve turned a page in my life. A new chapter in my story. I hope I can do my best now and turn my life around. Do it alone, this time. Well, mostly alone but with some help from my parents and my friends. I still have a good support network and that is very important. Some people have to do it without a support network. Everything is possible. I’ve seen people make it alone and I’ve seen people not make it with help. It all depends on who you are, what you’ve done, what you can do and what you are willing to do. It’s a combination of factors.

I would like to also raise a glass to everyone who is married or in a committed relationship. I hope you are in love and things are working well between the two (or more, who knows?) of you. Love is a beautiful thing and should be cherished. I truly hope that you’ve had or are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been thinking about him today, like every other day. I think about calling him but then realize that I have too much to tell him and he will never understand. No point in calling. It’s like talking to a wall. I can’t and won’t deal with that. I need to be heard and understood. That’s the only way things can work with someone.

This is why I feel that being alone is very good for me, right now. It doesn’t have to be like this forever but I’m enjoying life as it is. Fewer feelings, expectations, responsibilities, suffering. Just me for now and my own troubles. That is enough for me. I can’t take on anyone else’s troubles. Nor do I want to. Life is hard enough as is. Focusing on myself and my work is my top priority. I want to stay away from drama, can’t deal with that anymore. It’s exhausting and highly unnecessary. I avoid it like the plague. If I don’t start it, why should I deal with it? There are ways to avoid drama. Communication is one of them. Talk things through in a civilized way, without judgment or personal attacks. Don’t aim to hurt, aim to reconcile.


This is what I’ve been listening to. Plenty of Warpaint and alternative rock.


I’m listening to this Spotify playlist now. I don’t know any of the artists. In the mood for new artists and different sounds. It’s the perfect soundtrack for writing.

I didn’t like the song so I’m listening to this:


It’s an amazing album and I recommend it. Unique, catchy, melodic and raw. It can be a little melancholic at times. Bloodhail is one of my favorite songs. The vocals with the back vocals create such pleasant harmonies. It’s just a remarkable song with variety and depth. Just the way I like them.

I hope you had a great day. Much love.

Poem: I Lost A Boyfriend But Kept A Friend

I’m mourning you

I’m mourning us

What we had

What we could’ve had

I lost a boyfriend

But kept a friend

You are so sweet

The day is brighter when you are near me

I feel such tenderness in my heart

When I listen to our songs

You’re amazing and I miss you

But you didn’t change

Things didn’t change

Problems piled up

Monotony killed romance

But I will always love you

We didn’t fight

Or scream

You gave me peace and love

I really needed it

You supported me

You saw me at my worst

And still loved me

You carried me in your arms

When I couldn’t walk

The weight of the world on your shoulders

And you were still standing

You’re so strong

You didn’t have any emotional baggage

Your mind was organized

Everything in little boxes


Unlike mine

But you got me some little boxes

And lent an ear

These five years

Almost six

Gave me the peace and stability that I needed

To be with someone that has no baggage

Is a blessing

We lived unforgettable moments

Of pure magic

I hope you can find someone who loves you

As much as I did

I was crazy about you

When your eyes met mine

I was complete

When you leaned over to kiss me

I was in awe

My eyes lit up

My heart raced

Time seemed to slow down

And then it would speed up

Hours flew by

There was a time

When we were together every day

I spent almost all day with you

Depression and psychosis

You handled it like a pro

Made me feel normal

And loved

I would wake up at 5 am

And immediately call you

By 5:30

We were having breakfast together

At a local café

You made me laugh

You saw me cry

You cried, too

My dear kind soul


I got better

I got sober

But there were so many problems

Things that could be solved

But no one would take a stand

And I couldn’t do anything

I felt helpless

Days turned into weeks

Weeks turned into months

Months turned into years

And there were no changes

I had to make a decision

But it was too hard

I was used to you

I was grateful for everything you did for me


I put myself first

And here I am

Thinking about you

But taking care of me


Image from Pixabay.





Poem: Reborn

Sharing a kiss with you

There’s music in your touch

I want to hug you

And squeeze you

I miss you already

Every good bye like a knife through my heart

Every kiss like the first one

Every hug like the only one I’ve ever experienced

Every day seems new

Newer than before

Like a shiny opportunity to grow

A new adventure

Every day is not the same anymore

Reborn and excited for what comes next

I stand incredulous

How did this happen?

How did I get here?

I see the purpose of having you in my life

What existence is trying to teach me

And I embrace it

I’m ready

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Inch For Inch

In a Chinese store

Looking but not seeing

For my mind is busy


Looking for memories of our last day together

Memories of smiles and stories

Memories of important moments

The thought of you makes me light up

You make me laugh
If you need to be alone
I’ll give you space
For I need it, too

Let’s bathe in happiness

Let’s laugh with joy

This is our time to take care of each other

To express our feelings

Our fears

Our strenghts

Make sense of the world as it is

Learn from each other

Escape reality for a while

As we discover each other

Word for word

And inch for inch

Image by Free-Photos, courtesy of Pixabay.

Life is changing

I broke up with my boyfriend. We were having problems and it was the best thing to do. I feel relieved and happier with life.

I also met someone that I really like. I’m not looking for anything serious, since I just broke it off with my ex but I like being with him. We enjoy each other’s company and have fun. He wants to help me get better.

It’s very nice to be in love again. You feel invigorated and very joyful. Life doesn’t seem so bad anymore. In fact, I’m really enjoying life, in this moment. I don’t feel so depressed or down.

Sometimes, good relationships can go south. You try and you try, nothing ever works out. You’re miserable but you feel a sense of commitment. It seems that breaking up is going to be impossible. This is how I felt. He didn’t make me happy anymore and things weren’t going anywhere. It breaks my heart but I had to.

I will always be grateful for all he did for me. We grew together and overcame many obstacles. It was a good relationship that was killed by bad decisions.

We will remain friends and be in touch. He was such an important part of my life, these last few years, that we can’t go our separate ways completely. I want him to still be a part of my life. Unless that hurts him a lot, in that case we shall find a different solution.

I’m in awe of my friend. Everything he says or does is fascinating to me. He has a very magnetic personality and charisma. I don’t know what is going to happen, all I know is that I’m really enjoying our time together. He is sweet and caring. He’s always making sure I’m okay. We talk a lot. I mean, a lot, a lot. Our silence is comfortable. Maybe in another life or another time, I would like him to be my boyfriend but not now. It’s liberating to be with someone without a label. Just a strong friendship bond.

I wish you a good day.

Image by pixel2013, courtesy of Pixabay

Poem: There is magic in you

There is magic in you

When you say

That you love me from the earth
To the nameless,

Undiscovered stars

There is magic in you

When you work so hard

And still manage to make me smile

And support me

There is magic in you

When you try to understand

Things that even I don’t understand

There is magic in you always

And we will overcome everything

Image by takazart, courtesy of Pixabay.

A post about a sad event that turned out to be an ode to my boyfriend

I’m broken. I never thought I could be so disappointed once again. I’m so mad and so sad at the same time. It’s like someone stabbed me. People can be so mean and unemotional. I thought I had a sincere friendship and, all this time, this person was playing me and secretly hated me. I was just a puppet. Someone to keep him company. I’m so mad and so sad.

I was stepped on like I was a twig. Like I meant nothing to that person. I guess now that there’s Uber, he doesn’t need anyone to deliver him beers at 2 am. I did it out of friendship because I wanted him to be okay. I know what it’s like to be alone and to have no one to help you. I saw the red flags but I kept going. I saw how horrible he was to other people and I kept going. Like a damned fool.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here is trust your instincts. If someone is horrible to other people, that person will probably be horrible to you in the near future. I hope I have learned the lesson because this feeling is horrible. Someone invalidating you, invalidating the friendship you thought you had. It’s too much for me. Now I trust people even less. Great. Just what I needed.

I was just someone that he could vent his frustrations to. Every time he was pissed at something, he would start to saying that rap sucked, (it’s one of my favorite genres) how nobody really liked it, how I would one day find out that it was terrible, etc. That should’ve been a red flag in and of itself. At least, I don’t think that behavior is normal between friends.

A few weeks ago, he said that no one was special to him. Another red flag. I mean, friends are special to us: they are our favorite people and the ones we want to be around. That is a major sign that I wasn’t dealing with someone who could be trusted.

I’m so mad. My blood is boiling. I can feel it in my body, my whole body is tingling. Another lesson to be learned is that there are some people that don’t value friendship. They just value what people can add to their life, in terms of influence, convenience, company, whatever. You could be someone’s second class friend and not even know it. It’s just baffling. It just blows my mind. I have to value my real friends more and leave the house more often. Be with them, show them I love them, make them feel as special as they really are. They are wonderful and kind people. With their own flaws, of course, but no one is flawless anyway and I can deal with that (I think, I don’t know anything anymore). Trust is something else, it takes time to build and can be destroyed in seconds. And then you question everything. Almost every single relationship you have. I trust my boyfriend and my parents entirely and that’s it. I’m now suspicious of all of my friends because of this. Do people secretly hate me? Do they love me? This is not a good feeling. I don’t have any reason to not trust my friends. They’ve been loyal, kind and supportive. I didn’t see any red flags. I’m sure of that. I never saw things that made me mistrust them. That is a relief but I’m going to have trust issues from now on. I can feel it.

I vented so much to him, he’s going to defame me. I’m sure of that. This is also not a good feeling. From now on, I’m just going to vent to my boyfriend. I can’t trust anyone. I know I can trust my boyfriend because he had one bad relationship and he doesn’t talk shit about her or defames her. I love him so much, he’s so good to me. I’m going to vent to him tomorrow. I’m so glad I have him, he’s the best and he always makes me feel good and validated. He’s going to tell me what I need to hear while reassuring me. When he tells me what he thinks I need to hear, he is gentle and empathetic, though he doesn’t sugar coat things.

I have to think about him and how happy he makes me, so I can stop thinking about this. I have to think about his blue eyes, his tender smile, how he makes me laugh, that he’s loyal and has emotional intelligence. That I can talk to him about anything and nothing. No matter what happens, he will help me overcome it. I have to think that no matter how badly I feel today, it will be better tomorrow. No matter how many people defame me, my friends and the people close to me will know what I’m about. So I have to forget everyone else, they don’t know my side of the story. It’s just that I’ve been talked about so many times, I feel so embarrassed about it. It’s that feeling of shame again, all over again. This feeling of shame has been almost a constant in my life since I was little. It’s like being bullied all over again. It’s that feeling of impotence and helplessness that infiltrates my soul.

I have to think that my former friend has his own reasons to be this way. That life hasn’t been kind to him either. It has been especially unkind, to be honest. I have to be empathetic. That is the only way I can digest this event. Not so empathetic that I become his friend again but empathetic enough to be in peace.

One of Ricardo’s favorite songs is soothing me right now. It’s the Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice. It makes me feel like there’s something good in my life, someone that doesn’t shame me or mistreat me. Someone who has been a pillar of my life, one of the people responsible for my recovery. He was there and believed in me when almost no one believed that I could recover. He’s going to help me overcome this incident with insightful thoughts. He’s the love of my life, there’s no doubt about it. The one I’ve been waiting for all my life. He is the reason why I don’t have sad eyes anymore. I feel so proud and happy when we are walking hand in hand down the street. It’s really a privilege and a joy to be his girlfriend. He makes the world a better place with his kindness and friendliness. I also have to be more grateful for him and I have to try to be the best girlfriend I can. I already do that but I feel that I should do even more. Surprise him and wait for him to get off work so I can spend the night at his house. Go to his workplace at least once a week to visit him. Give him even more than I already give him. He deserves the world and all its treasures. He is one of the world’s treasures. At least, he is a treasure to me. I hope we stay together till death. It’s so good to grow old with him. It’s reassuring and peaceful. We hardly ever fight, we sometimes have minor disagreements but they end well. I can’t stay mad at him. I just can’t, he’s too sweet and loving.

If you don’t have someone like this in your life, I hope and believe you can find someone that will treat you like a queen (or king, if you’re a man; I believe in you, too). Either you find it or let it find you, I am cheering for you. I don’t think anyone is completely unlovable. With the internet and globalization, I believe anyone can find a significant other. People don’t have to settle for their own country, they have the entire world. Of course, this is wishful thinking because online dating is hard and can be a source of trauma. But try to keep making friends online, in groups, forums, etc. Don’t take friendship out of the equation because, first of all, friendships enrich our life and second of all, the best relationships start out as a sincere friendship.

This was a wild ride and if you were brave enough to get this far, I congratulate you haha. I feel a bit better now. Good enough for sleeping but I’m still sad. Some things are just too much for me to handle.

I hope you have a good day or a restful sleep.

Image by MichaelGaida, courtesy of Pixabay

Gratitude Challenge: My parents

As a part of Habitica’s gratitude challenge, I’ll be writing every day about something or someone I’m grateful for. I said I wasn’t going to talk about my parents, boyfriend and, friends but I realized that I never talked about them in-depth, in my gratitude posts. So, today I’m writing about my parents.

My parents are a lovely and unusual couple. They are very different but complement each other. My father is a bit cold and distant but he is supportive. My mother is warm and loving and also supportive. As I said in my post, she is my biggest cheerleader. Every time I accomplish anything, no matter how small it is, she becomes happy and congratulates me. Every victory of mine is a victory of hers. When it comes to my father, he’s mostly about the bigger victories and he doesn’t pay attention to the smaller ones. He’s a very hard-working and disciplined person. Always wakes up at the same time, has breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day. Everything is constant with him. My mother is a little less disciplined but she also has a routine. Every morning, she goes out and goes to a coffee shop. Then she does some shopping and comes home. Both me and my parents enjoy our time alone. My father is in his study, my mother in the living room and, I’m in my room. After dinner, we watch TV and hang out together. It’s a special time because I really enjoy their company. They are witty and funny. They are critical thinkers and very intelligent. I’m so proud of them. They are good role models. That’s not something everyone can say. Some parents are really terrible. I know how fortunate I am to have them as parents, even though we’ve had our differences over the years. We didn’t get along at all. We fought almost every day, over trivial and not so trivial things. That messed with my mental health very much. It was a source of despair and sadness. Now things are radically different: we almost never fight and, when we do, it’s just a small fight that blows over quickly. We learned to respect each other. As they changed, I started respecting them more and they respected me more as I changed, too. Sometimes parents are just so tired of our bs that they don’t know how to act and they do it impulsively. My psychiatrist once told me that stopping the fights was in my hands. She was right. Fights stopped happening when I learned to deescalate them. As the fights stopped, we could think more clearly and understood that we were a family again, like we were in my childhood. For years, something in me said that I could get them back. BPD didn’t help me with that but I tried. Sometimes I lost hope. Sometimes I hated them. Sometimes I loved them. Sometimes I was hopeful. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. The turmoil was so bad, I lost my mind several times. Weed didn’t help, it only made things worse. They didn’t agree with it, not a tiny bit. And they we’re right. It wasn’t good for me. Parents know what’s best for us, most of the time.

Apart from the bullying and some events, I had a great childhood. My parents took me to museums, the beach, the mountains, abroad and many places in my country. They were very loving and I learned a lot from them. My father usually knew the history of the places we went to and would tell me about it. My mother would read me bedtime stories, that was one of the best parts of the day. My mother was almost always available to play with me, even though I played by myself most of the time, by my own choice. We lived in a small community and I would play outside freely, in the summer I would be outside until midnight or 1 am. It was really idyllic, especially in the summertime.

They’re comfortable with me being at home, still. Most people my age live alone but most people my age haven’t battled mental conditions like I have. I find it odd that American parents want their kids out of the house by 18. 18 is far too young. They’re still teens by then and should have some time to adjust to adulting. I know it’s a cultural thing but it feels so cruel. I have been in and out of my parents’ house many times. They always welcomed me back warmly and never made me feel unwelcome or like a burden. I think that is a blessing in and of itself. It’s something I can never repay them. The only thing I can do is work to be independent and have a good life. That’s the only payment they want. I think that shows that they love me unconditionally and that they like to be with me.

I have my own space, away from everyone. I am grateful for that, too. It was designed by my mother just for me.

I feel so emotional right now, I live them so much and it’s so good to write about them. They are great people: loving, charitable, intelligent, witty, progressive, friendly, social, so many things that it’s hard to write everything down. I am grateful for them and that they provide for me in the time I need the most. I know many parents can’t or won’t do that for their kids, so I feel even more grateful. It’s like I won the lottery or something.

Are you grateful for your parents?

Image by jpedraza, courtesy of Pixabay.