Album review: Jeff Mills – Blue Potential: Live with Montpellier Phillarmonic Orquestra

I grew up listening to classical music. It’s an acquired taste and some pieces are just wonderful. In my teen years, I became interested in techno and electronic music. This record is delightful to me because it is techno played by an orchestra. I wonder if my parents would like it.

It’s Jeff Mills by the Montpellier Phillarmonic Orquestra. Amazing. What’s not to love about it?

Every track is a different journey through sound and frequency. Just fabulous. Elegant, sumptuous and precious. It’s one of those albums that improves your mood. You feel in peace and grounded. It’s like a soundtrack to an old movie. I

“The bells” is particularly striking. It’s such a different approach to that song. Every song on this album is very out of the box

A big feast of sound. A crossover that nobody asked for (or so I think) but that we didn’t deserve. It’s too good for us.

Jeff Mills blue potential


Can you recommend me music ?


I hope you’re having a nice day/night. It’s night here and I’m looking for music to listen to. What have you been listening to? I want to know 😃

Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

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Music that enhances my mood: H is for Helmet

Some letters are easier than others. I don’t know many bands that start with H. But I know Helmet.

They are an alternative metal band, formed in 1989 in NYC. They parted ways in 1998 but returned in 2004.

My favorite album of them is “Betty”. It was released in 1994.

“Betty” Helmet

I love “Wilma’s rainbow” and “Biscuits for smut”. It’s like going to the 90’s again. It’s great music. Great guitar riffs and bass lines. All of the nineties spirit and energy.

“Milquetoast” reminds me of Faith No More. It’s amazing. Such power and energy. Amazing coolness. Timeless. Will never go out of style. Amazing drummer, too.

“Tic” is a great song. Reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies. The grunge back vocals and the hardcore punk vocals. I wish I had listened to this in the 90’s.

“Rollo”. One of the best songs of this amazing album. Weird effects on the vocals but the guitar, bass and drums are infectious and very pleasant to hear.

“Street Crab” is great. Reminds me of Soundgarden.

“Betty” Helmet album song list pt. 1

“Clean” is another song that sounds like Faith No More. They deliver once again.

“Vaccination” is a great song to listen again in the car, on your way to the beach.

“Beautiful love” has an amazing beginning and it’s very hardcore. Freestyle maybe. A little dissonant.

“Speechless” is the 11th song. It’s one of my favorite songs. I just love this Helmet album.

The 12th song is “The Silver Hawaiian”. I love the bass line but not the vocals.

“Betty” Helmet song list pt. 2

“Overrated” is another great song. Sounds that it would be great to watch it live. Very epic and definitely not overrated, a brilliant song from a brilliant album.

It’s so grunge, so raw. A piece of nostalgia from a decade long ago. Very powerful instrumentals and haunting voices.

The last song is very country. It gives a good touch to the album and it’s an excellent ending.

“Meantime” Helmet album

“Meantime” is a great album, too. It’s what I’m listening to now.

I will review this album, too. Hopefully, I can get better at it.

“Meantime” song list pt. 1

“Ironhead” is absolutely amazing. Very catchy, if you can call a metal song “catchy”. The guitar riffs and bass. The drums. Superb.

“Meantime” song list pt. 2

“Give it” is awesome. Very hardcore. Amazing riffs and perfect vocals. Infectious melody.

Wow, “Unsung” is a banger. This album put me in a great mood. The vocals are very good. Instrumental is good, too. Everything in tune, no dissonance. That’s the way I like music.

“Turned out” is one of my favorite songs. Aggressive but not too much. The rythm is very pleasing to the ear.

These guys are like the fathers of nu-metal. I don’t like nu-metal anymore but I still like Helmet because the songs

“He feels bad” is a very powerful song. I like it a lot.

“Better” is very Suicidal Tendencies, very hardcore. The vocals ate not my favorite and they annoy me.

The eighth song is called “You borrowed”. It’s a good song, wiith the kind of vocals I like. Magnificent drums for an outstanding melody.

“FBLA II” is a very good song, one of the best of the album. Their guitar solo are amazing.

The last song of the album is called “Role model”. It starts off very strongly. And so it continues: strong, confident and decisive. What a terrific way to end the album. This song is wonderful.

I recommend you to listen to both albums. Happy listening!

Music that enhances my mood: G is for Grimes

“Visions” song list pt.1

The first Grimes song I heard was Genesis. I was having sort of an anime phase and this song had the Oriental elements that I liked. It was upbeat, catchy and modern. Her voice was just perfect. This song is part of the 2012 album “Visions”. I discovered it in 2013 and it was a song that instantly made me happy.

I also liked “Oblivion”. It was also a great song, catchy and upbeat. Infectious as ever, this song was great to remix and play in a club (such as “Genesis”).

“Eight” reminded me of The Prodigy. The beat was great.

“Circumambient” is very 80’s and I love it. The synths are just perfect and it’s so upbeat, it makes you want to dance. I bet that it’s great to watch this show live. This sound is amazing.

“Vowels = space and time” is another banger, perfect for dancing. Very upbeat and some Oriental details.

“Visiting statue” is a very good song, the beat is flawless, as usual. The vocals are very interesting and different.

“Be a body” is one of my favorite songs. It’s 80’s and 21st century, all mixed together in a wonderful way.

“Visions” song list pt.2

“Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus)” is one of the amazing songs of this album of hymns. There wasn’t a song that I didn’t like. If all the songs are consistent til the end of the album, I’ll be very pleased.

“Symphonia IX (My wait is U) is different from the others but it’s still dance music. A little more mellow. Grimes sounds like Elizabeth Frasier. Very angelic and perfect.

Ooh! “Nightmusic”! This is another favorite of mine. So danceable and joyful. It’s impossible to be unhappy while listening to this album.

“Skin” is one of the most mellow songs in the album. I love it very much. It’s very soothing and pleasant.

The last song is less than 2 minutes long. It’s called “Know the way”. It’s the other mellow song that I was talking about. It’s very beautiful, dreamy, quite shoegaze too, I’d say.

Grimes is an amazing artist. Every song is like travelling to another reality. She creates amazing soundscapes and ambiance. It’s hard to stop listening.

This is my review of my favorite album of Grimes. I hope you will listen to it and give me feedback, if you can.

What is your favorite artist with the letter G? Do you like Grimes?

Music that enhances my mood: F is for Four Tet

I had a little trouble finding an artist that I liked that started with the letter F. I thought about Faith No More but it brings me bad memories, so I’m not going to write about them. Faith No More is great, you should check it out if you don’t know them.

I remembered an artist that I don’t know very well but that I’m looking into because I’ve listened to remixes done by him. I also listened to a few tracks, and I enjoyed them. Right now, I’m listening to his essential mix, on SoundCloud.

He plays electronic music that is experimental. It reminds me of Bonobo, who is an artist that I really like. Four Tet has remixed songs from many artists including Aphex Twin, Bicep, Explosions In The Sky, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, Manic Street Preachers, Sia, Black Sabbath and Madvillain. As you can see, he remixed tracks from artists of different genres and this list is not complete, as he also remixes songs of more alternative acts.

If you’re like me and love quirky alternative artists, with a fresh and innovative sound, Four Tet is an artist you should listen to.

Image by 453169, courtesy of Pixabay.

Music that enhances my mood: Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky is a post-rock band from Texas, though they don’t consider themselves a post-rock band. They say they are a rock band. It all started in 1999 and are still active. Their melodies and guitar work are intricate. In their own words, their songs are “cathartic mini-symphonies”. It’s a great way to describe them as they tell a story without using words and are definitely as epic as symphonies. The soundscapes they create are pure magic. It’s a good soundtrack for reading a book, studying or writing.

My favorite song is “First breath after coma” (listen to it here). As I was reading the YouTube comments, this one spoke to me:

It’s a crescendo, like someone is rising from death and coming to life. It’s so filled with emotions and so meaningful.

All their albums are very good but my favorite is The World is Not a Cold Dead Place. It’s an amazing album and a delight to the ears and brain. I recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite band that starts with E?

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Gratitude challenge: Music

Gratitude is so important. It keeps us grounded and helps us see things in a more positive perspective.

I accepted Habitica‘s challenge of sharing things I’m grateful for. I don:t want to talk about my family, friends and boyfriend, like I always do. I’m going to focus on the little things that I sometimes overlook.

I will write about one thing that I’m grateful for, each day.

Music is something I’m grateful for. Sometimes it’s my only company. I enjoy finding new music and feeling nostalgia by listening to music I already know. It’s a source of inspiration and peace. It makes me feel so many different feelings. From melancholy to excitement. From Joy to sadness.

It’s incredible how creative musicians are. They produce amazing sounds and ambiences. You are transported to different places and different times. It can feel like an embrace, like a tender smile from a stranger. It contains emotions and messages, every song has a story and memories attached to it.

A song can help us cope with unpleasant feelings and celebrate pleasant feelings.

When I listen to music on my headphones, it’s like the musician is singing just for me, in a private concert in my ears.

Every song is like a painting made of sounds. Crafted by gifted individuals that work hard on their art. They want to perfect it and show people what they are capable of. Show their friends, family and fans what they have created.

I would like to learn to make music. It’s one of my dreams. I’ve been concentrating on writing now, I want to improve my writing skills. But, when I get the chance, I will learn how to make songs in music programs. I would love to produce electronic music. I have some ideas for songs. Melodies are always in my head.

I started listening to music when I was a baby. My parents are music lovers. There was always classical music on or bossa nova. I would watch Disney’s Fantasia and Mozart’s Magic Flute. Those were my favorite. My favorite movie as a child was The Little Mermaid. It featured many songs and I would sing along to them. It made me so happy. I knew all the lyrics, as I watched it every day. I find it interesting that I was so fascinated by that rebellious princess. It makes sense as I grew up to be quite rebellious as well.

My favorite groups as a child were teen bands that performed adaptations of popular songs. I knew all the songs by heart as well. I still like some of the songs though they are so different from the songs I listen to now. I guess it’s nostalgia.

As a teen, I loved Bon Jovi. I also loved Depeche Mode, U2, Texas, Ace of Base and very bad dance music (haha). It’s interesting how Ace of Base’s biggest hits aged so well. I know, it’s not an unanimous opinion but I think it’s still upbeat and catchy music. I really enjoyed watching MTV and other music channels. There were some really good videos then (I’m not saying that videos are bad now, there are some very good recent ones). Music videos added another angle to the songs. I liked Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun (I thought this video was very original and a good satire of the American society and it had this apocalyptic feel. You can watch it here), Annie Lennox’s No more I love you’s (this video was very funny, it featured some men in makeup, dressed as ballerinas. You can watch it here). I really liked Foo Fighters’ videos, they were always crazy and creative (this one was my favorite) and also Beastie Boys’ videos (like this one).

I could talk about more bands that I liked in my 20’s and I will do it on another post, though my memory is not very helpful.

I just want to finish my post by saying thank you to musicians, roadies, sound engineers and everyone who is involved in the music business. They make the world a better place and they provide me with entertainment, inspiration and something to hold on to in my darkest times. Thank you so much.

What do you think about music?What artists do you listen to? What was your favorite band growing up?

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