Last Week’s Music (Music Chart)

I’m going to start doing a weekly music chart of what I have been listening to. As you know, I use LastFm and I use this site to make the charts.

This is this week’s chart:

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I recommend the following bands:

-Red Snapper ( if you know Red Snapper, you should definitely check out the Redone album. Maybe you haven’t heard it yet)

-TV Girl is very good.

-Cujo is another name for Amon Tobin: the wonderful, innovative and creative man that uses amazing sounds to do futuristic and edgy music.

-Svedaliza is one of my go-to artists right now. It’s some sort of innovative R’n’B mixed with other genres and somewhat experimental. Ison is a great album.

-Abra’s genre is the same as Svedaliza: an R’n’B voice with strong bass and edgy electronic beats.

-I’ve been listening to Ringo Deathstarr for about an hour and I’m still not sick of it. Catchy alternative tunes and great vocals. You should listen to their album Pure Mood.

-Salvia Palth is mostly there because I play I Was All Over Her almost every day, several times. I love that song.

-She Wants Revenge is an awesome band and you should listen to it.

This is it for this week’s chart. Thank you for reading.


My year in music: 2017 chart

Sometimes I can even taste my sour past. Listening to music with friends, I decided to play one of my favorite songs from back in the day.
The song starts and I’m immediately transported to that time, how I felt.
Vague trauma memories and a deep sadness invade me.
I get in that mindset, it’s like I’m connected to a device that transfers those past feeling back to me.
So I mostly listen to music. I’m always running away from the past. Always on the search for songs that make me feel good. That is innovative and unexpected.

In this chart are the albums I listened to the most in 2017.
Can you recommend me bands or groups? How do old songs make you feel?


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