Last Week In Music

This is the first LWIM since a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot of music, as usual. A lot of techno, trap, rap and other genres. I feel like techno gives rhythm to my life and it’s quite a motivating genre. When I’m angry, it’s very cathartic.

So, this week these were my most listened to artists:

The bottom artists are Three 6 Mafia and Ramirez.

I don’t know if I have talked about Bowery Electric but they are a very underrated band, who sadly has a small catalog. Nevertheless, you should listen to all their albums. I love “Lushlife” and “Beat”. Their sound mixes trip hop and shoegaze. The have stunning songs like “Floating World”. Check them out and tell me what you think.

$uicide boy$ are completely different from Bowery Electric. They are a rap/trap group and I absolutely love their beats. Their flows are very good as well. They did a song with Travis Barker where they sampled part of Anthony Fantano’s review of one of their albums. I found that really funny because they do have an incredible ease to incorporate various samples and sounds, making songs which are innovative. The only downside is that they do reference suicide often and their lyrics are not about peace and love, as you can imagine. I recommend listening to them at least once and see how you like it.

Depeche Mode is one of my all-time favorite bands. Dave is an amazing vocalist and songwriter. They were able to navigate the decades wonderfully, never changing their personality but changing their sound. Evolution you may say and you are right. I listened to Ultra. Ultra is a 97 album that is absolutely fantastic. The lyrics, instrumentals, production is just amazing. There is variety in the album and many unforgettable songs like “Insight”, “Home” and “Love Thieves”. Definitely worth a listen and an essential album for any music lover.

Nico Moreno is a techno DJ. He does these amazing bangers which I see myself dancing all night to. There are tabbed influences, it’s not boring like some techno. I recommend listening to “Your bad company” and “Insolent rave”. I would love to see him live but I find that hard with this agoraphobia.

Astrobrite is a shoegaze band. I found it on the similar artists of Bowery Electric. I think I had listened to them before. I love their sound. I feel “Super Crush” is an album to listen on a car ride to the beach, on a sunny day. I highly recommend that album.

KAS:ST was my favorite discovery of 2019. I’ve played their song “Hell on death’s” a million times since its release. They sample The Network’s famous speech in that song and it is so well incorporated. I guess the techno makes it even more of a war cry. KAS:ST is a group composed of two djs. I highly recommend the track I just talked about and checking out their other tracks as well.

Three 6 Mafia is gangsta rap. A notorious group that defined Memphis rap. I like some of their songs, especially the ones on Underground Vol. 1 and 3. If you’re rap fan, check them out. If not, check them out anyway so you can say you did haha

Ramirez is a group that I have been listening to for a while now. I discovered him through $uicide boy$. They have collabs with them. Once aagain the beats are amazing, the lyrics can be good but also trash. So it depends on your taste and if lyrics are very important to you.

This was my top 20 songs last week. So here are recommendations for this week, you have a lot to listen to until next week. See you then.
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Last Week In Music

Last week I listened to fewer songs and fewer new artists. I must’ve have listened to Deathconsciousness by Have a Nice Life over 5 times.

So let’s see my top artists:


I talked about Orchid Mantis before in this post. It’s an amazing band and I’ve definitely listened to them many times. I also talked about Bauhaus in this post that I recently wrote. I will write about Have A Nice Life soon. It’s taking me ages to finish that post, I have no idea why.

Tyler Burkhart is a new discovery. It’s Indie Pop. It can be mellow or cheerful. Sometimes sad. He is a multi-instrumentalist, taking DIY to the next level, as he is self-taught and writes, records, and releases his own music. A must-listen if you like Indie.

Parks, Squares and Alleys is an old favorite. Their song Youth is what made me like him. He is a solo artist, a singer, and guitarist from Russia named Sergey Khavro. This is his bio on Bandcamp:


What does he mean by noise-monk, does anyone know? I found it funny. His sound is very dreamy and melodic. Definitely lo-fi. His voice is great. It’s definitely an Indie type voice, which I quite like. I highly recommend this artist.

Peter Murphy is Bauhaus’ former frontman. He had success in his solo career and at least two hits. Cuts You Up is a hymn of the ’80s. He also had other hits like “A Strange Kind of Love”, “Marlene Dietrich” and “The Hit Song”. I liked some of his songs, others not so much. I recommend at least listening to Cuts You Up.

Lilys are an indie rock band whose founder is Kurt Heasley, the only member that is a constant in a band. The band was formed in Washington DC in 1988. Their debut album In The Presence Of Nothing was released in 1992. Their sound is indie rock. Several of their songs have been featured in advertisements and one even reached #16 in the UK charts. They have a shoegaze phase, a dream pop phase. Their sound changed over the years. I highly recommend this band.

Here are my favorite albums:


I recommend all these albums. I’m in the process of writing a review about Deathconsciousness, so you’ll have to wait a few days (maybe less, I may finish the post tonight).

There was a Last Week in Music where I talked about Yellow House by Orchid Mantis. In short, it’s a very pleasant and dreamy album from a wonderful band.

Mask is one of my favorite albums from Bauhaus. It’s so raw and crude. The rhythm section is incredible. It’s a very dark and gloomy album, Peter Murphy kills it. It features amazing songs that really portray the 80’s goth scene. I like most of the songs on the album, especially Hollow Hills, The Passion of Lovers, Dancing, Kick in the Eye and Mask.

This album by Parks, Squares and Alleys is beautifully named. I think he is an artist of taste and sensibility. It’s music to drive to the beach, on a sunny day. I would say that this album is influenced by surf-pop. It features Youth, that song I have talked to you about. This guitar speaks to me. The artist sounds sensitive and connected. The other tracks are also very good.

Cold Blood Magic is a 2018 album by Parks, Squares and Alleys. The sound is different from the album I just wrote about. It sounds like 60’s or 70’s music. The harmonies with voices, the instrumentals. Honestly, I prefer the other album.

Lost Days by Tyler Burkhart is an amazing album, with gorgeous and moving songs. Some are very cheerful, others are more mellow and a little sad.

Flashbulb Memory is an excellent album. Unreal, eerie, and slow, this album is perfect to listen at night. Great to unwind and relax. The track Flashbulb Memory is so lovely. I’ve listened to it countless times. His music is full of emotion. It ‘s sad but beautiful.

I love, love, LOVE this album. It’s amazing. This artist was an excellent discovery. Slow and deep songs, accompanied by a terrific voice. It’s great indie rock. The melodies are fairly simple and catchy. At The Park is a spoken word track and I find it fascinating. I love The Escape. It’s a bit faster and more upbeat than the other songs.

Here are the songs that I listened to the most, last week:


As I’ve said before, I listened to the Have A Nice Life album many times and it shows. I recommend all these songs.

I hope you like my recommendations and that you listen to as much music as possible.

Have a good weekend.