Album review: Jeff Mills – Blue Potential: Live with Montpellier Phillarmonic Orquestra

I grew up listening to classical music. It’s an acquired taste and some pieces are just wonderful. In my teen years, I became interested in techno and electronic music. This record is delightful to me because it is techno played by an orchestra. I wonder if my parents would like it.

It’s Jeff Mills by the Montpellier Phillarmonic Orquestra. Amazing. What’s not to love about it?

Every track is a different journey through sound and frequency. Just fabulous. Elegant, sumptuous and precious. It’s one of those albums that improves your mood. You feel in peace and grounded. It’s like a soundtrack to an old movie. I

“The bells” is particularly striking. It’s such a different approach to that song. Every song on this album is very out of the box

A big feast of sound. A crossover that nobody asked for (or so I think) but that we didn’t deserve. It’s too good for us.

Jeff Mills blue potential