Morning Thoughts

Good morning, everyone.

Coffee notebook pen

I woke up early today, even though I went to bed late. It feels good to wake up early. I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning.

woman in shorts,shirtless man hugging while lying down

He’s sleeping and I’m in the kitchen writing. It feels good to be with someone. To hug, to hold, to kiss. I was feeling so needy and now I feel so loved and cared for. He treats me well and makes me laugh.

I’ve been talking to my ex every day. I miss him sometimes. He’s a good friend and I know that if I need to vent or talk about anything, he’ll be there. And I’ll be there for him. It feels good to stay friends with him. He was and is a big part of my life. I will love him forever.

That’s how I feel for the people I really loved. Respect and love. Forever. They helped me grow and evolve. They taught me lessons. Their love was important to me.

I’m now in a dangerous position. I’m in love with someone who doesn’t want to have a serious relationship. It may sound tricky but it’s an easier situation than it sounds. I’m enjoying the moment and not caring about what happens tomorrow. When it changes, I’ll be sad but happy that it happened.

He has given me a motivation boost like no other. I shower every day. Take care of myself. Go outside like it’s nothing. I wore a skirt yesterday for him (and me, of course). It’s a feeling of being whole again. Single but whole. Ready to start fighting. Ready to start living.

I hope you are well.

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Poem: How Healing Passion Can Be

In you

There’s a spark

A flame

So bright

And I

The unlit one

Feel like my spark is back

My will


Things are changing

We may not see each other again after tomorrow or next week

But you showed me how healing

Passion can be

Image by Foundry, courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Muse

I hope you don’t mind

That you’re my muse now

The one who inspires great passions

The one who makes me dream about love poetry

Odes to you

Sonnets to you


Creative you

Every scene has a dialogue

Every character has a story

There is an immensity of words inside you

That you need to articulate

Everyone has an excess of words

We need to let them out how we can

When we can

Kindred spirits get each other

They live in a world of ideas and concepts

Your presence and your absence are a part of the same whole

Both necessary

But your absence is painful

Your presence is blissful

Everything is fun around you

I feel loved when I’m with you


And care


All that I needed

I feel complete

But I don’t know if we’ll ever be together

And that’s okay

If we stopped being together tomorrow

I would still be happy

I would still feel privileged to have spent such wonderful days

In your company

Our friendship is forever

I feel that

It’s the basis of what we have

It’s deep and strong

You’re sleeping and I’m writing about you

Thank you

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Reborn

Sharing a kiss with you

There’s music in your touch

I want to hug you

And squeeze you

I miss you already

Every good bye like a knife through my heart

Every kiss like the first one

Every hug like the only one I’ve ever experienced

Every day seems new

Newer than before

Like a shiny opportunity to grow

A new adventure

Every day is not the same anymore

Reborn and excited for what comes next

I stand incredulous

How did this happen?

How did I get here?

I see the purpose of having you in my life

What existence is trying to teach me

And I embrace it

I’m ready

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Heartbreak and Passion

I found myself

Amidst heartbreak and passion

I needed freedom

Freedom from monotony

Freedom from pain

Something was holding me back

I couldn’t face it

Truth is painful sometimes

A silent conflict of minds

With different ideas

But enough flexibility to accept facts

Overflowing with creativity

He stimulates my mind in a way not many people did

New ideas and new concepts

To write new poems

And new articles

Broadening my perspective was imperative

Our dreams may never come true

But we will fight for them

It’s a beautiful struggle

After all

Poem: Inch For Inch

In a Chinese store

Looking but not seeing

For my mind is busy


Looking for memories of our last day together

Memories of smiles and stories

Memories of important moments

The thought of you makes me light up

You make me laugh
If you need to be alone
I’ll give you space
For I need it, too

Let’s bathe in happiness

Let’s laugh with joy

This is our time to take care of each other

To express our feelings

Our fears

Our strenghts

Make sense of the world as it is

Learn from each other

Escape reality for a while

As we discover each other

Word for word

And inch for inch

Image by Free-Photos, courtesy of Pixabay.