Poem: There is magic in you

There is magic in you

When you say

That you love me from the earth
To the nameless,

Undiscovered stars

There is magic in you

When you work so hard

And still manage to make me smile

And support me

There is magic in you

When you try to understand

Things that even I don’t understand

There is magic in you always

And we will overcome everything

Image by takazart, courtesy of Pixabay.


Poem: Digital World

Computer, notebook, cellphone and coffee

I just need to save myself

Escape existential dread

Jump over obstacles


Just move as much as possible

And yet I am still

Still here

Tapping and typing

A digital world

By analog fingers

Image by geralt, courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Wave of feelings

An incredible sadness


It washes over me

Like a wave of feelings


And remorse

Consume me

It’s a sunny day

But if it was gray

It would be more fitting

The day is too joyous

Or maybe I’m too sad

I feel like sleeping for a week

I’ll lie down and rest


Find comfort in stillness

Maybe I’ll be better later

Sadness is a part of life

Like some salt in the caramel of happiness

It is important

And I embrace it fully

There is room to grow in this feeling

Image by Kanenori, courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Lonely beats

Cold cup of coffee

Still tasty

Night of many charms

And wonders


No, not really

Not even rain

Just a cold and quiet night

Drowning in the dark

Resting in the dark


Lonely beats on the speaker

Rythm for the mind

Not many problems or worries

It feels good


And the usual restlessness

Looking for things to do

Things to learn

What should I do


I have many questions

And not enough answers

I will rest on the few certainties I have

And forever wonder about the rest

The world is complex

Like an interconnected web

It’s hard to grasp all its facts

The point of living is just living

Surviving every day

Making a good contribution to society

Not much else

I will not act like a life coach

Or a motivational speaker

I’m just a thirty-something with some experience

And some ideas

Image by Designer-Obst and Foundry, courtesy of Pixabay.

Poem: Catch me when you fall #OctPoWriMo day 16

Catch me when I fall

I never thought you would

Oh, and how hard I fell

You took care of me

I felt unlovable but loved

You treated me right

Like you knew I could overcome it

Even when I thought I wouldn’t

When everything seemed scary and confusing

You were always so kind

I’ll catch you when you fall

And I’ll help you

You have proved to me a thousand times

That you’ll catch me

And I will catch you, too

We will push through

Image by qimono, courtesy of Pixabay.