Today ( how to deal with unpleasant emotions)

Well, I had a nice post but something derailed my day. I had to rest, listen to music and I started doing a course on Skillshare that is called The Amazing Routine. It was very enlightening and inspiring. I had to do a blueprint for my daily routine. I’m going to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I’m not used to. It sounds like the method may help me overcome some obstacles, set and achieve goals, change habits. I’m excited and I hope I can keep it up. It has to be something that captivates me, like writing or drawing. It’s enjoyable to do and the exercises are not too hard. The hardest part is doing it every day for months.

The blueprint for my amazing routine took me about an hour to do and I feel content with putting the effort to do something for self-improvement. I will be updating you on how it goes. Also because I need to be held accountable. That helps me stick to things.

So here’s my tip for today: if something unpleasant happens and you have free time, do a guided meditation, listen to soothing music, meditate without music, nap. Do whatever feels better. After you calm down, you may still feel sad and frustrated. Do a course, something that you’re passionate about. Go on Reddit and go in those interesting rabbit holes. Don’t passively scroll Facebook. You may see stuff you don’t like. Take some time to write,to watch a movie. Keep your mind occupied. Doing constructive things is the best, they give you the best feeling because they can be challenging and the reward and sense of pride in your work is amazing. Try not to ruminate on thoughts and find interesting projects or ideas to develop.

I’m going to meditate and sleep now. I’ve been going to sleep around 1 am. It feels good to wake up early. I’ll set my alarm tonight. I need to wake up at the same time every day. I want to see if it’s beneficial to my mental health.

I wish you all a good day or night. Hugs

Night Thoughts (Skillshare courses and writing tips)

These days have not been very good. Life is peaceful, though. My turmoil is interior.

I subscribed to Skillshare again and I have been doing courses. I’ve chosen a physical activity challenge, that consists of stretching. I did the first day, but I’ve missed one day. So, I’m starting over.

I also did a writing for blogs course there, they have many blogging and writing courses. It talked about how to create a blogging and writing ritual. It provides us with a lot of tips and tricks to develop a writing habit. They talk about free writing. It’s the act of writing whatever comes to mind, as you do in streams of consciousness. You set a timer for 15 minutes and write as much as you can. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, write about that. You can also use this technique to brainstorm ideas for a post. Set a time for 15 minutes and write as many ideas for posts as you can.

After you are done with free writing, you read what you wrote and look for parts that you could use on a post. You’re not supposed to post free writing (though who am I to tell you what to do, you can post whatever you want). Google rewards quality content, so maybe you’re free writing exercise is not the best thing to post, just a thought, you do you.

It’s also good to set a time to write every day. Make it a part of your daily routine. Associate a chore or other activity to it. If you don’t have enough time, schedule it to another time. Don’t blow it off entirely.

If you’re like me and have motivation issues, I recommend the Skillshare course on motivation, which I’ve been watching tonight. It does have a way to motivate you in a way that motivational speeches rarely do. It’s 10x Ultra Motivation. The lecturer give you tips for motivating yourself, achieving goals and getting things done. It’s important to understand the psychology of motivation, what is external and internal motivation, among other things.

I’m hoping that these courses will help me polish my craft and improve my life. You don’t necessarily need a diploma in these types of subjects. You just need to learn and apply it. Maybe even apply it to a real course with a diploma because there are some subjects that demand it and it’s good to add to your CV.

I feel like I’m taking steps in the right direction, since I’m learning a lot and keeping myself occupied. My mind has been a mess lately, so many intrusive thoughts. Really unpleasant, I do not recommend it haha. God bless my undying sense of humor, it’s probably my best coping mechanism.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a deep sadness. I don’t feel dissatisfied as I was feeling before because I’ve been avoiding Facebook. But recent events have really affected me. Nothing serious, it’s just my fragile feelings and dealing with heartbreak. My friends, my heart was not broken, it was crushed. But I won’t go into that, it hurts.

I’ve been meditating every day, for at least an hour. It’s helping me so much, you can’t imagine. I have been meditating lying on my bed. I end up falling asleep and I get wonderful and restful sleep. I need to keep doing this every day and keep increasing the time I spend meditating. I want to become a serious, daily meditator. I feel like it will be an interesting and fulfilling journey. I need that spiritual side, it does help a lot.

I am now going to meditate for an hour or so. I hope everyone is doing well and I will drop by your lovely blogs ASAP. Much love.

Night Thoughts

I had a good day. Went outside, showered and drew. I’m in the mood to do a course on Skillshare. I will continue to watch the videos of a course about SEO. Hopefully, I will do another course after that. I need to take advantage of the subscription while it’s still active.

My motivation is uncertain. Some days I feel like I can do things. There are other days when I feel like I can’t do anything. And that’s what I do: absolutely nothing but roam the internet. Getting sucked into rabbit holes of useless info. I want to take control of my time and be productive. Don’t give up and do only what I feel like doing. Life is not only about leisure and pleasure. It takes work and effort. I’m getting used to it again. It wasn’t easy. I was so disconnected from the world. Living in my own world. But always worried about work and career, that was always on the back of my mind.

Working online is a step towards getting a “real” job. It’s not that online work isn’t good but I think that it’s not always very beneficial to live where you work. It’s good to have the obligation to go out every day, walk, talk to people, etc. When you work from home, the boundaries must be strong. You should plan your day and have time for work, chores and some leisure. Deadlines can be tough so you just have to work for longer hours. You may have the tendency to stay at home and you’ll be more sedentary.

I recently started working out: doing some crunches and walking more. I was following a routine from a Skillshare workout video. It’s a series of exercises to strengthen your core. I have to explore the Skillshare workout videos, there might be other interesting exercise routines.

I’ve been listening to affirmations every day: in the morning and before sleep. I don’t know how to explain this and it may be a place to effect of sorts but I feel better. I feel so good when I listen to affirmations, you can’t imagine. I feel protected, secure and content. My self-esteem is better, I feel more motivated. Things seem to be better in that sense. Let’s see if I continue to feel good after a week or two.

I’m going to watch the course videos. I hope you are okay.

App review: Skillshare

I’ve known Skillshare for a few years. It’s a wonderful platform where you can find a wide variety of courses.

You follow the skills you chose in the beginning. The skills are:

Skillshare categories
Skillshare categories

Almost every course has a class project that you can post for the teacher and other students to see.

There are many courses (24000!) on blogging, SEO, writing, etc. I strongly recommend those courses. They will give you very good tips to improve your blog. The courses can be short or long.

When you do the courses, they are saved. Do them more than once to really memorize the tips. You learn how to make a good title, a good post, etc.

My favorite courses are the following:

Perfecting your blog post before publishing it by Theresa Christine.

Creating blog content your readers actually want to read by Theresa Christine

How to write a kick-ass blog post by Maddy Osman

How to write the best blog post titles: increase clicks and shares by optimizing blog post titles by Rebecca Livermore.

Blog post idea generation: 30+ ways to come up with ideas for your blog by Rebecca Livermore

5 secrets to develop the blogging (and writing) habit: how to beat writer’s block forever by Rebecca Livermore

Main view
Main view

You have many other courses on other interesting subjects. Lots of art classes, for example. You can follow different categories of interests and get recommendations for courses, on the home page.

I think video classes are a great way to learn and there are many interesting teachers in this platform.

I have the paid version, which is about 7 euros/month, so it’s an affordable option.

In my opinion, paying for a learning service can be good because it’s an incentive to learn. You go back to pay for your investment and each time you learn. You grow as a creator (artist, etc).

App review: Skillshare

If you’re like me and love to learn, Skillshare is a great app for you. It’s a subscription service but it’s cheap and you’ll have access to all the courses there.

It’s an intuitive app, very easy to use. Just search for subjects that you’re interested in and you’re good to go. All the lessons are video lessons, which is a very positive feature.

I’ve been doing blogging courses and they are very well done and can help you improve your blog. There are courses on many different subjects: from arts and crafts to technology. You can save classes to do them later and it will keep track of all the classes you have already done.

Some courses are short but helpful. It’s great if you don’t have much time in your hands.

There are almost always class projects that you can share with the community or take a peak at the projects of other people, in order to have an idea of what they are doing.

If you are housebound like I am, it’s a great way to keep your mind occupied and productive.

I hope you try it and love it, like I did.

What are you favorite learning apps?