Crowdin – Volunteer Work For Translators

I would say that translating is one of my favorite things to do. It’s a fun mental exercise and practicing it is very important.

If you’re a translator and would like to volunteer, there is a great platform for that. It’s called Crowdin. Crowdin is a translation platform for different projects. From social media sites and apps to games, there are a number of projects you can help translate. There are strings to translate and various phases of translation. Sometimes you are asked to write the translation, other times you have to upvote existing translations that you find accurate.

There are open projects that everyone can work on and others that you have to apply to. You should complete your profile, in order to be accepted more easily. You also have to write why you want to work in that project and that will be reviewed.

There are a number of languages that they need so if you’re a translator and wish to volunteer, Crowdin is a great platform for that.

Minecraft, Discord and other projects have been or are being translated there. You can cooperate with interesting and innovative projects.