1 year anniversary of my blog!

I was just casually browsing WordPress, when I got this notification:

1 year anniversary achievement WordPress

1 year of blogging. Wow, just wow. Blogging was the best thing I did this year and I will continue to do it. There must be commitment and surrender to writing. You must know, in your heart and mind, that this is what you want. Or just do it as a challenge, see how long you can last. Don’t feel pressured to be anything, just write.

Colorful balloons

It’s incredibly healing and beneficial. Hiding who you are and having an online journal has been going very well. I like the feedback, the support. This is a wonderful community. I read amazing things. I learn from other bloggers. It’s important to express my opinion on some issues, to educate people on others.

I can ask my followers to pick colors and I’ll do an art piece for them. I spend a lot of time thinking about posts and also spend a lot of time writing the posts. I’ve done over 350 posts in 1 year. Some days are just frenetic: I ONLY feel like writing. Idea after idea. On other days, nothing comes to mind, don’t feel like blogging or even writing. I think I spent one month without writing.

Hot air balloons in the sky

Then, the need to write came back and I started writing again. These days, I’ve been feeling very inspired in many ways. Drawing and writing, mainly. Feedback about my art has been good and I appreciate it very much.

This year was good, it had its ups and downs but it’s ending in a good way. I hope I am here next year. I’ll write to you again and express my gratitude for being a blogger and all the lovely people I’ve met here.

If you’re just starting and you’re frustrated about blogging, you can take a look at my blog. I wrote blogging tips and about many other subjects. Maybe I can inspire you in some way.

I would like to thank everyone that interacts with my blog or just reads, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad that you use your precious time to read my posts. I hope I make your day and cheer you up. I just want everyone to be okay. No one needs to suffer in silence. Let’s be united and support each other. Be interconnected.

Cartoon man and question mark

I would love to hear your feedback. Tell me if you like my blog and why. You can also say you don’t like it and also state why. What would you like me to write about? Do you like poetry? Would you like to see more of my art? Tell me everything 🙂


Decluttering my mind

WordPress is helping me avoid Facebook.
I’ve spent too many time there and the environment is so toxic, so monotonous. You see all the people you are no longer in contact with sharing their happiness and accomplishments. I look at myself and what do I have? It’s not that I don’t have anything to be proud of but the comparison kills me. My competitive side really shows. I admit it, I sometimes feel jealous. It’s a trait I’m not proud of but, alas, I have it. I might as well don’t put myself in situations where I can be jealous because of the feelings that arise.
I need to heal and focus on personal growth, not on pictures of my friends baby or violent videos. I still use Messenger to keep in touch with my friends but I finally stopped scrolling.Since I stopped I started avoiding Facebook, I feel more confident and secure. More positive and balanced.
It’s a matter of taking care of my mental health and not waste time watching cat videos and motivational quotes. There is also the issue of graphic images. On WordPress, it’s much cleaner. Everyone chooses the most beautiful picture to post. Reading is wonderful for me. A writer should always read a lot. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from other people. I have exchanged kind comments. It’s different here.

I hope to stay around for a long time.

Image by Hermann, courtesy of Pixabay.