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Short post about how I’m doing; I will post more soon

Hey everyone.

I’m still sober and just came back from vacation. Haven’t felt like writing lately. I feel guilty and frustrated about it. My blog is very important to me and I have worked hard on it.

As you know, I struggle with consistency. It is a beast I hope I can tame. This struggle can be a part of having a blog. When you take neuroleptics, you can struggle with creativity and motivation. That is what happens to me.

This community never left my mind and this hiatus was necessary. I need to learn how to force myself to do things that I don’t feel like doing. It is an important skill we should acquire in this life and cultivating discipline is crucial.

I really hope you haven’t forgotten who I am and will continue to be interested in what I write.

Love you all very much but I’m too tired to write more today.

Poem: Those Words

Those words

They cut like knives

Left me bleeding

Trying to forget

And move on


Many words accompany me

Sentences that I haven’t forgotten

From past friends and lovers

From strangers and co-workers

They stay with me

And appear in my darkest hours

Printed in my psyche

Like tattoos

They never leave

They just stay there


Until they come to life


Image by wilhei, courtesy of Pixabay.